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Getting to Know You: NFL Combine Edition

Our traditional "Getting to Know You" series of off-season posts makes it's triumphant return for the third year in a row today. This is the portion of our program where I ask you guys five questions with a common theme and have you all answer them in the comment section below. The goal, as the title would lead you believe, is to get to know where everyone stands. It's a form of bonding. 

With the early portions of the NFL Combine already underway, today's topic was a no-brainer. So our five questions below revolve around this weekend's meat market. Feel free to interpret and answer any way you see fit. Have fun!  

  1. How closely do you follow the Combine?
  2. What is your favorite combine drill?
  3. Which position group are you paying most attention to this year?
  4. Which player are you most interested in seeing this year?
  5. How much importance do you think NFL teams place on Combine results?