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Oscar Weekend is Here!!! Time for a Sports Movie Post

As you may already know, the Oscars, or Academy Awards, will be presented on Sunday to the creme de la creme of the film industry for this past year, at least according to a vote of the esteemed members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (seems a bit of a pretentious name to me, but what do I know?).

To make this an even bigger motion picture weekend, there are two other events going on tonight that complement the Academy's broadcast: the Film Independent Spirit Awards, which celebrates the independent film community, more specifically, the "spirited pioneers who bring a unique vision to filmmaking" SOURCE, and the Razzies, put on by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, which seeks to "dis-honor Hollywood's worst." SOURCE

Make the jump to get into the sports movie aspect of this, and much, much more...

Now, my wife and I love movies and interesting stories, and we look forward to this weekend with much anticipation. We watch both the Film Independent Spirit Award and the Academy Award shows, often creating a multiple-page list of films we'd like to see, while also comparing our opinions with those of the voters for the films that we have already seen. Does anyone else enjoy/follow movies in this manner? Let me know your level of passion for/interest in movies in the comment section below.

In honor of this weekend, WWL Radio's Big Chief (Deke Bellavia) has written about his top sports movies of all time.

In honor of his story AND this weekend's grand salute to moviemaking, I thought this would make an opportune time for us CSC members to discuss our favorite or top sports movies of all time as well.

I have a number of favorites, and they fall into a number of categories. Some of my favorite comedy sports movies include: Caddyshack, Major League, Bad News Bears (the original), Kingpin, The Naked Gun (baseball scene), Semi-Pro, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Dodgeball, Better Off Dead, The Best of Times, Wildcats, Leatherheads, and Slap Shot. Great sports story movies - Rocky, Bull Durham, Radio, The Express, and Brian's Song. Enjoyable sports movies that defy categorization: North Dallas Forty, The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, The Replacements, Buffalo 66, and Big Fan.

What are your selections for the top sports movies of all time? You can do a Top 5 or Top 10 if you'd wish, or just list some of your favorites and why you like them, or just lurk and read silently.