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The City that Wilbon Forgot

I'm not home in the afternoon to catch ESPN's Pardon the Interruption and even if I was probably wouldn't watch that shouting match. But our buddy Kevin Held apparently does and when he heard co-host Michael Wilbon not include New Orleans on his list of acceptable Super Bowl cities, he texted me in disgust.  I'm pretty sure the Brett Favre show introduction didn't set the right tone for Kevin. 

Here's what Wilbon said when talking about the icy conditions in Dallas just days before Super Bowl XLV: 

I want you to hear me here, alright. You know my position on this. Three places should have the Super Bowl. If the Super Bowl is not in Florida, California or Arizona they shouldn't even hold it 'cause it's about Super Bowl week, not the game. It doesn't need to go to Detroit; it doesn't need to be in Dallas. 

I actually like Wilbon, especially if we're comparing him to Tony Kornheiser, but what's wrong with New Orleans that it shouldn't be included on his list? Granted the weather isn't as nice as SoCal, South Florida or Arizona right now but it's also not as bad as Dallas and certainly not Detroit. It's a little cold currently here in the city but Tuesday's high was just 70 degrees and Sunday's forecast is 62 degrees.

But it's not just about the weather for Wilbon, who thinks the Super Bowl should be held somewhere appropriate for one big week-long party. Hmmm...that sounds familiar... 

It's not about the game. It's a party, it's a week, it's a festival. It's like Mardi Gras and I will stand in the street with a picket sign saying 'No Cold Weather Super Bowl.'

Hey, wait a minute! This guy wants to take our celebration but not use our city? Did it ever occur to Wilbon that perhaps New Orleans might be a viable option if he wants the Super Bowl to resemble Mardi Gras? Someone should tell him that sometimes the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras season actually coincide. If Wilbon really is looking for the ultimate host city than it doesn't get much better than our very own New Orleans. We've got food, fun, history, culture and charm. And, oh yeah, we've already hosted nine Super Bowls so we kinda know what we're doing.

Maybe he just forgot about the Big Easy. Maybe I'm just being sensitive. Just thought I'd stick up for my favorite place in the world.