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What Does the Post-NFL Future Hold for Drew Brees?

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Not much going on today other than the appearances of Sean Payton, Drew Brees, and Reggie Bush on ESPN and NFL Network as they mostly discuss Sunday's big game. This got me to wondering if Drew might follow the lead of many other athletes turned analysts when his NFL career comes to an end (many, many years from now. I'm hoping for 2022). He's very articulate and smart and seems perfectly able to handle the job. He even looked the part when he appeared on NFL Network today.

Aside from this talent in front of the camera, he seems like he might also be a very capable coach, if he chooses to go in that direction. He's widely heralded as one of the smartest and hardest working players in the league. He knows Sean Payton's complicated playbook backwards and forwards and he's the undisputed team leader in our Saints' locker room. Might he be interested in transitioning to QB coach when his playing days are done (again, many years from now)?

Which do you think he's best suited for? I'm thinking QB coach would be perfect. Saints QB coach would be even more perfect. He can coach his son Baylen when we draft him around 2031. He'd be a great analyst on TV as well, but I fear the fickle-minded producers of these shows may not be able to get past Drew's birth mark. They'll probably think it'll distract viewers too much and then only show him from his left side. That'd be a shame. Plus, someone may pull an "Oprah" and try to rub it off again.