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Super Bowl XLV: Game Predictions

Time to get excited! Everyone's favorite Friday afternoon prediction game is back for one last appearance this season! Just for old times sake. I'm sure most of you guys know how it works but just in case we've got some newcomers and because you're all probably a little rusty since our last contest, I'll remind everyone of the rules. 

Everyone makes three (3) predictions about the Super Bowl game. They can be any predictions you want. You can guess that Aaron Rodgers will throw for over 400 yards or you can guess that Troy Polamalu's hair will fall out before halftime. It doesn't matter. Put your three predictions in the body of your comment, NOT the subject heading.

I know what you're thinking. You'll just guess silly things you can't possibly get incorrect like, "Someone will get tackled" or "After the game, there will be a winner and a loser." If you wan't to do that, be my guest, but I'm pretty sure you will be heavily ridiculed. Your call. 

It's also become tradition to make a score prediction as well. That's a freebie you get and it doesn't count against your regular three predictions. A good score prediction can only help you, not hurt you. Please type your score guess as the subject heading of your comment. 

If you need an example of how all of this works, check out the prediction thread from an old Saints game against the Lions. Just in case you haven't read anything up to this point, here's what your prediction should look like:


That about covers it. So without further ado, I leave it to you guys. Good luck.