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It's A Twitter World & We're Just Tweeting In It

Good afternoon and Happy Super Bowl XLV Eve to one and all.

Today's Fleur-de-Links Preview has a Twitter focus. Make the jump to see what I mean...

Upcoming news and notes in today's Fleur-de-Links post include: some 2011 Hall of Fame Coverage (don't forget to tune in to the NFL Network at 7:00 pm EST to watch the Inductees Announcement Show - c'mon, BIG WIILLIE!!), the latest from Super Bowl XLV, the latest in Saints-related Super Bowl news, CBA news, and stories on your newly-minted 2010 Rookies of the Year.

But before all that rolls out in a couple of hours, I want to engage you a bit in regard to the Twitter. Each day we feature tweets from Saints players and the media in our Fleur-de-Links posts, like so:


T_Porter22 Tracy Porter #agreed RT @peteyweestro: Breakingnews: due to lack of saints in the superbowl the superbowl has been canceled.
TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen Catch me dancing all the time! RT @jbagenstos: @TylerLorenzen is an @ETNow regular ! :)
jeffduncantp Jeff Duncan I have discovered the nectar of the gods: Cafe Brulot at Galatoire's. Coffee and brandy.
drewbrees Drew Brees I am standing on the grassy knoll in Dallas where a second gunman in the Kennedy assassination might have stood
T_Porter22 Tracy Porter Watching Transformers 2...wonder when the 3rd one is coming out
BillyMiller83 Billy Miller If you got a Good woman stop hiding it and give her a shot out on twitter LOL I have a great one @GoSportsJewelry
ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel Headed to the Pepsi party for a quick bit then gonna check out the Friday Night Lights party with Select Sports Group then head to SI party!
T_Porter22 Tracy Porter Watchin music videos and Samari in her tryna do every dance they do. baby is too adorable......oh and bad
ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel Pepsi Party!
reggie_bush Reggie Bush On my way to ESPN Party in Fort Worth Texas to kick with the big homie @SnoopDogg
ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel Look who is DJ tonight!
TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen pauly d has me fist pumpin at this party son! RT @ChaseDaniel: Look who is DJ tonight!
T_Porter22 Tracy Porter Bedtime....nite tweeps
jgoody76 jonathan goodwin Lol what u doing tonight RT @H_Grooms: Finally in Dallas. I can't even believe it. The process to get here will (cont)
JonVilma51 Jonathan Vilma name the better car, aston martin dbs or ferrari 599...
BillyMiller83 Billy Miller @ @JonVilma51 DB9
jgoody76 jonathan goodwin Serious question. Are air force 1's still popular? #randomtweet
robyslyfe Courtney Roby In all seriousness im tired of this weather.
HeathEvans Heath Evans Want to make a difference and help to prevent a lock-out? Follow @DeSmithNFLPA and @GeorgeAtallah Please retweet this!"
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Got up this morn, got a quick wkout in w @NickMoore_1, had a good breakfast now its pool time. Look at my view
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Well I'm in the Dominican #poww #takethat lol RT @robyslyfe: In all seriousness im tired of this weather.
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore And seeing how its the day before the super bowl and I haven't said much about it, here u go. Green Bay! #NFC all day
LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Hahaha look at this dude @NickMoore_1. Said, "I'm trynna get all these rays" lmao
robyslyfe Courtney Roby Last nite on the news they tell us we will get 1" accumulation..we've had atleast 4" already & its still go'n strong...#weatherforcastlies

For the most part, these can be mildly interesting and somewhat egocentric navel-gazing peeks into the minds of people, but at times they can cause controversy.

I'm sure you remember Shiancoe-Sharper Twitter Wars.

Many other instances abound in the NFL, of tweets stirring up controversy, adding gray hairs to coaches and GMs, and getting folks' in trouble.

This article by Elizabeth Merrill of takes a look at the Twitterverse and the NFL. I found it quite interesting, and I thought you might also enjoy reading it and then discussing your take on the Twitter and the NFL.

So, please vote in the poll and then add your thoughts below, in the comment section.