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Has It Really Been A Year Since the Saints Won XLIV?

Wow. Dave really revved up my strong feelings for what a great season we enjoyed in 2009. It's hard for me to believe that a year has already passed since the Saints won the biggest game in team history.

I can remember how nervous and excited I was last year at this time, barely able to soak it all ready for the game to start, yet so anxious about how it would turn out, that I wasn't fully ready to face it yet, either.  

This is a whole new experience, living through Super Bowl Sunday after having won one. It's kinda nice on this end of it. I'm disappointed that we're not playing, but now that we've won one, I'm not wondering if we'll ever make it to the big game and how we might hold up under the pressure.  

One thing's for sure - I'll be able to fully taste and enjoy my Super Bowl Snacks today.

Make the jump to indulge in a bit more Super Bowl XLIV fun and see what's on tap for your F-D-L Links Roundup later on today. had a nice piece today on a couple who found true love during last year's unforgettable playoff run.

Mark Lorando of the Times-Pic/ collected fans' memories of Super Bowl XLIV in this compilation.

In my search for stories on fun Super Bowl bets, I came across this item from the run-up to Super Bowl XLIV by Michael Bean of Behind the Steel Curtain.

Please take a moment to share your memories/recollections from Super Bowl XLIV in the comment thread below. I'd even like to hear from you about what you're doing today and how it feels to you now that we are (I'm still a bit amazed to think about it!) previous Super Bowl Champs.

The soon-to-come Fleur-De-Links will take you through an analysis of the Saints running game in relation to the injuries to our backfield, Brees letting folks know the Saints weren't hungover in 2010, XLV final reports and local media predictions, the Hall of Fame 2011 Induction Class (New Orleans native Marshall Faulk's in, Willie Roaf's out), Michael Vick as the Comeback Kid, and ripples from the CBA Pool.