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Totally Random, Ridiculous and Unconfirmed Internet Rumor: Sean Payton to Become Cowboys G.M.

So says message board guy on Football's Future's forum...

I have no link, but this is from a very good "source."

Sean Payton will leave the Saints to become the GM for the Dallas Cowboys, his family has already began the move to Dallas and they are very unhappy. Announcement could come as early as tomorrow.

Which I can only assume found it's way to Fletcher Mackel, who is now on the case...

I've received tons of calls/emails/texts about Sean Payton to Dallas as Pres./GM. No one ligitimate reporting this, but i'll keep checking

But since Jerry Jones is the owner and General Manager of the Cowboys, that would mean Jones would have to give up GM responsibilities. I don't see that ever happening.

I think we can chalk this rumor up as complete bullcrap.

[UPDATE: 02/06/11 7:41 PM CST ] Looks like the rumors may have started via another message board guy at if we're going by time stamp. S/he also seems to have more details...

I got a call a few hours ago from a very long-time and trusted friend in New Orleans. He holds multiple season-tickets. He told me that Sean Payton is leaving the Saints and an announcement is forth-coming. Here's the story. Whether it is true or not, I cannot say. Evaluate for yourself. Shoot the messenger if you must.

Payton's daughter has let it out that the family is moving to Dallas. She is upset about the move. They have already bought a home in the Dallas area. Someone else that I know of attended an event with Mickey Loomis and asked Mickey about a rumor that Payton was moving to Dallas to become Dallas' GM. Loomis CONFIRMED the rumor. That's what did it for me. You don't go on little girls' stories, but the Looomis thing is too much for me to write off.

I still don't believe there's any truth to the rumors but this message board post from January 5th, 2011 on does give me pause...

Went to dinner last night downtown.

Jerry Jones was in NOLA last night at Ruth Chris' downtown in Harah's hotel. A guy walking past his group called out to him as a joke "hey Jerry, you here to stealour coaches wine?"

Jerry straight faced replies back "No , I am here to steal you coach."

[UPDATE: 02/06/11 8:00 PM CST ] Fletcher Makel is calling it and put this one to bed...

Saints spokesperson: "coach payton is the coach of the new orleans saints; he is not going to the dallas cowboys in any capacity."

Well that was an exciting, hour-long distraction from the Super Bowl. Show's over folks. Nothing to see here.