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Opinion: Saints Strong Possibility to Play Packers in 2011 NFL League Opener

As we know from experience, every season starts off with a Thursday night matchup hosted by the defending champions. With their Super Bowl victory last night the Green Bay Packers locked up their spot in that opening game. The only question remaining now is: who will they play against? Looking at Green Bay's 2011 schedule and assuming there's no lockout, there's a good possibility it will be the Saints.

Obviously the Packers will host all three of their NFC North counterparts...

...but only the Bears present an intriguing matchup in what would be a rematch of the NFC Championship Game. Certainly a possibility and exactly what the league did last season with the Saints and Vikings.
Here's a look at the rest of Green Bay's home slate:

Out of these teams it's a no-brainer the Saints would make for the best television. The past two Super Bowl champions with two of the leagues best quarterbacks kick off an exciting 2011 season filled with labor peace. Sounds like a winner to me.

So I think if we're being realistic we can agree that next season's league opener at Lambeau Field will be either against the Bears or the Saints. Will the league choose an NFC Championship rematch or a meeting of recent champions?