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Fleur-de-Links - Feb. 7th: Sean Payton Buys Home in Dallas, Who Dat Nation Freaks Out

By now, you've probably already heard that Coach Payton is moving his family to Dallas. This news has Who Dat Nation in an uproar and many are wondering if Payton has something up his sleeve that he isn't telling us. I don't think so. This news is unsettling because many have long thought that Jerry Jones wishes he had never let Payton out of his Cowboys family and would like for him to coach his underachieving team back to their former glory. All indications seem to suggest that's not currently the case.

More on this disturbing turn of events after the jump.

The Cowboys seem happy with Jason Garrett and have signed him to a four-year contract, so they seem set for the time being. Payton still has some time left on his current Saints contract and has no reason to abandon the team he and Mickey Loomis have done a great job building over the last five years and just won a championship with two Super Bowls ago. The rumors yesterday said that Payton was leaving to be the Cowboys' new GM, but Payton has no experience doing that and seems to really enjoy head coaching and calling plays. I can't see him being interested in a GM position until he's old, gray, and no longer able to do that fist pump he does when we score a TD.

In the links below, you'll find reports that Payton plans to maintain a residence in New Orleans while his family resides mostly in Dallas. You'll also see some saying that head coaches living outside their team's city isn't anything abnormal. Many like to point out that Tony Dungy's family continued to live in Tampa while he coached the Colts. was able to reach Payton about this and got a simple and direct "no" response when they asked him if he was leaving the Saints for the Cowboys. So, no need to worry.....right?

The only cause for worry would seem to be if/when the Cowboys start underachieving again. Maybe we should all hope that Jason Garrett is able to get the job done to Jerry's liking next season and beyond. If his seat becomes a hot one at a time when Payton's Saints contract comes close to ending, that's when it'll be time to worry.

So, ...........go Cowboys! (I just threw up in my mouth a little.)


Tracy Porter
About play Mario Bros. on the wii while my lil monster re-charges her battery.

For you old school video game fans: The "Tecmo Bowl" version of Tracy Porter's Pick-6

New Orleans Saints
A year ago today, @ took it to the house

Heath Evans
"@: @ come back to the patriots, we miss your beast-like qualities" Thx! Miss u guys too! I'm 4 sure much warmer though

Heath Evans
Do today what others won't so tomorrow you can do what others can't!

Thomas Morstead
Finally back in Nola

Jeff Duncan
Saints-Colts eclipsed.... RT @: Super Bowl XLV is the most-watched tv show ever w/ total 162.9m viewers topping last year's 153.4m

NOLA Saints Nation
Sean Payton and his family are moving from New Orleans to Dallas: - Don't like this one bit

Reggie Bush
Watching Money Train! One of my favorite movies. This when Wesley Snipes was hot! Put dark skin bruh's on the map never looked back since

Jeff Duncan
Judging by the initial reaction from tweeps, Sean Payton has a lot of "splaining" to do to fans on this decision. It's not popular.

Jeff Duncan
Apparently not. RT @: WTF Dallas?! Doesn't he understand there's a FB team there that we were all "born & raised" to hate?

Usama Young
Just finished a good meeting with @. Got some great things coming up around the community

Jeff Duncan
Payton is obviously testing his popularity w/#Saints fans here. New Orleanians are fiercely loyal to their city. Not sure this will fly...

Jim Irsay
by JasonLaCanfora
With most coaching staffs in place in NFL,teams will be working on their rosters over next 3 weeks/Colts will have"significant"announcements

Jeff Duncan
Early odds to win SB46 don't have among favorites. Packers are the only NFC team in the top six:

Jeff Duncan
Isn't he already King of New Orleans? RT @: Drew Brees: 'I'd consider' run for political office

Courtney Roby
I'm bitter, but congrats to Green Bay...I guess they can borrow the Lombardi..for now.

Adam Schefter
This is what you call a different kind of morning hangover: From now on, it's all about the CBA.

Drew Brees
The NFL wants us to play an 18 game season. What is your opinion as fans? Do you believe the chance of injury for a player becomes higher?

Drew Brees
Congrats to Aaron Rodgers and the Pack for their SB win. Also to Todd Durkin, our trainer in San Diego. 2 Super Bowl titles in 2 years.

Alex James Brown
Watching the saints super bowl replay with all the audio on the sidelines..... Really cool and can't wait to do this again next year


Sean Payton plans to move family to Dallas | ProFootballTalk
Commuting from Dallas probably won’t hurt Payton’s ability to do his job, but it does make us wonder about Payton. Choosing to live on the same golf course as the Jonas Brothers in Dallas over staying in New Orleans is a sign of bad taste.

A-ha! Home purchase causes Payton rumor - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas
"Sean Payton is the coach of the New Orleans Saints. He will not be going to the Dallas Cowboys in any capacity," the Saints said via a release.

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton and his family will maintain residences in New Orleans and Dallas areas |
Source confirms that Payton family is moving to Dallas area, but it won't be a situation where he's commuting into work from out of town

Payton denies rumors that he will leave Saints for Cowboys
When the former Dallas assistant from 2003-05 was reached Sunday evening by NewOrleans.Com via text, Payton's response to the question whether he would leave the Saints for the Cowboys was a simple and direct "no."

Saints shoot down Payton rumors - NFC South Blog - ESPN
As the world got ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday, social media circles were burning up with a rumor that New Orleans coach Sean Payton was leaving

New Orleans Saints say coach Sean Payton is not leaving for Dallas |
"Coach Payton is the Saints Head Coach; he is not going to the Dallas Cowboys in any capacity."


Tom Benson to deliver pregame thank you to Saints fans |
'Together, we can do it again.'

Saints: Who will stay and who will go - running backs | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
A week ago, we began our breakdown of who we thought should return and who shouldn’t for the Saints come the 2011 season. We continue the series today with the running backs.
With the Super Bowl now over, we thought it’d be a good time to look at the roster the Saints ended the season with and give our two cents into what players should stick around and which players should go.

Former New Orleans Saints tackle Willie Roaf not bitter about missing out on Hall of Fame |
"I enjoyed the process. I enjoyed doing all the interviews leading up to seeing if I got in or not," Roaf said. "It just wasn't time for me to get in. I had a lot of fun. Next year we'll just see what happens."

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton's foundation will host charity event in Lafayette March 19 |
Payton's Play It Forward Foundation raised more than $800,000 in 2010


Super Bowl 2011 sets all-time TV audience record |
It tops the record held by the New Orleans Saints-Baltimore Colts Super Bowl XLIV.

Blame game commences over ticketgate | ProFootballTalk
In the wake of the most embarrassing Super Bowl incidents since the term "wardrobe malfunction" entered the American lexicon, a difference of opinion has emerged as to whether the NFL, the Cowboys, or both bear blame for the fact that 400 people who believed that they’d be attending the Super Bowl ended up, you know, not attending the Super Bowl.

Overnight ratings up for Super Bowl

Goodell: Seat Issue At Super Bowl 2011 'A failure'
DALLAS — The NFL knew last week there were problems with the installation of temporary Super Bowl seating sections and hoped until hours before kickoff that they could be fixed. "At the end, we just ran out of time," NFL executive vice president Eric Grubman said Monday.


Titans stay in-house, tab Munchak as head coach | ProFootballTalk
The Tennessee Titans announced Monday that Mike Munchak will be their next head coach. Munchak becomes just the second head coach in Titans history, succeeding Jeff Fisher. Fisher hired Munchak to his staff in 1997, when the franchise moved from Houston to Tennessee.


Bon Jovi’s chunk of the Falcons would be a large one | ProFootballTalk
ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Sunday that Falcons owner Arthur Blank may sell a slice of the team to rocker Jon Bon Jovi.

Hitting the NFC South hot spots - NFC South Blog - ESPN
With the Super Bowl over, it’s time to reach into the mailbag and see what’s on your mind.

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I just reached into the NFC South mailbag to start reading the post-Super Bowl notes.

Falcons catching break with Mularkey - NFC South Blog - ESPN