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Fleur-de-Links: February 8, 2011

DALLAS TX - FEBRUARY 05:  NFL player Remi Ayodele of the New Orleans Saints attends the GREY GOOSE lounge series during Super Bowl weekend at the GREY GOOSE Lounge on February 5 2011 in Dallas Texas.  Is he flipping us off?
DALLAS TX - FEBRUARY 05: NFL player Remi Ayodele of the New Orleans Saints attends the GREY GOOSE lounge series during Super Bowl weekend at the GREY GOOSE Lounge on February 5 2011 in Dallas Texas. Is he flipping us off?


Saints Sideline
Times-Picayune: New Orleans Saints will issue statement on Coach Sean Payton's reported Dallas home purchase

Pierre Thomas
thanks for all the thoughts and went well and now I'm in recovery mode. always positive

Jeff Duncan
Bad news for , Will Smith. RT @ Minn. State Court of Appeals affirms lower court ruling in NFL's favor in Star Caps case.

Usama Young
Reading the book 127 Hours, real good so far. I have to see how the movie is next

Chris Mortensen
Jon Bon Jovi doesn't want to perform for NFL, he wants in the club:

Jason Rosenhaus
by scottshanle
The Super Bowl ratings prove the NFL is stronger than ever. The system isn't broken. If the Owners lockout, shame on them. Get the CBA done.

Reggie Bush
I thought colored contacts were played out? Or am I wrong?

NOLA Saints Nation
The StarCaps saga will never end. Will Smith is to be suspended first 4 games in 2011:

Jeff Duncan
Powerful column by WashPo columnist Sally Jenkins on the NFL's "bloated Super Bowl" in Big D:

Courtney Roby
Send'n peace, love, and happiness...make 2day special and great!!!


Payton moving family to Dallas area | | The Advertiser
BATON ROUGE - The co-author of 'Home Team - Coaching the Saints and New Orleans Back To Life' will no longer call New Orleans his permanent home.

Sean Payton's Play It Forward Foundation releases a statement on Payton's move to Dallas |
"The Payton's are still connected to the city and its people and will have a residence in NOLA as well.. All of us have a place in our hearts that we want to retire in. For them it's Dallas. With a daughter getting ready to go into high school this was the time to make that decision. They have been there for that city and donated over 1.2 million to help and will continue to. Hope everyone will come to support their family decision and dreams and just be appreciative for what they do. I know their hearts and it is frustrating to hear people judging them on what they don't know. Home Team is an incredible book about the journey ALL of you have been through and his heart for that city and that team is not diminished by a move"

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton will move family to home in exclusive Dallas suburb |
Payton and Saints officials didn't comment on the move

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton leaves himself open to much criticism |
Speculation about Payton's eventual reunion with Jones has circulated around town for years, and it now will run rampant every time the Cowboys suffer a three-game losing streak.

Does New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton's move create a perception problem for the team? |
As Times-Picayune sports writer Jeff Duncan wrote today, "New Orleans is the most proudly provincial city in America, and there's no room for fence-sitters in post-Katrina New Orleans. You're all in or you're all out."

New Orleans Saints will issue statement on Coach Sean Payton's reported Dallas home purchase |
The New Orleans Saints will release a statement this afternoon addressing Coach Sean Payton's reported home purchase in Dallas, which has become a hot-button issue around New Orleans. We'll publish the statement as soon as it's released.

Girod Street End Zone " Blog Archive " The Goat Speaks: Hello, I must be going



Saints: Who will stay and who will go - Tight ends/Quarterbacks | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
Bradley Handwerger /
A week ago, we began our breakdown of who we thought should return and who shouldn’t for the Saints come the 2011 season. We continue the series today with the running backs.

Saints Fan Shares Pro Bowl Experience

Appeals court won't block 2 Vikings suspensions
"Accordingly, although we do not agree with the district court's interpretation of (state law), we nevertheless affirm its order denying injunctive relief," the appeals court ruled.

Latest ruling in StarCaps saga could lead to four-game suspension for New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith |
Smith and the other players claimed that their positive test stemmed from a tainted over-the-counter weight loss product called StarCaps, and that the league knew the product was tainted but didn't properly warn players. The NFL, however, maintained that players are responsible for what they put in their bodies and that they are encouraged to avoid such products because of the possibility of tainting.

Former New Orleans Saints lineman Willie Roaf says can't argue with Hall of Fame selections |
"I'm not bitter at all," Roaf said Monday. "I'm definitely not bitter. I made it to the final 10 of the Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot. I can't be bitter."



Sally Jenkins - After a bloated Super Bowl in Dallas, it's time to rein in big game
I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in Jerry World. In Jerry World, a $1.15 billion stadium looks like the Taj Mahal on the outside, but inside some of the seats violate the fire code. In Jerry World, the state of Texas spends $31 million to host the Super Bowl, even as deficits force public school cuts. In Jerry World, it can cost $900 just to park. In Jerry World, fans pay hundreds of dollars to stand outside the stadium.

Former New Orleans Saints assistant coach Mike McCarthy paid his dues to become a Super Bowl 2011 winner |
But, he didn't sleep with the Lombardi Trophy

Green Bay is early favorite for Super Bowl 2012, New Orleans Saints are 9-1 odds |
Saints have the same odds as Atlanta, Indianapolis and San Diego



Exploring the uncertainty of franchise tags - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Saints have more than 20 potential free agents and even the guys I singled out above aren’t huge stars. Nicks is probably the best player on the list. But he has three years of service in and almost certainly would qualify as a restricted free agent in any new agreement. Goodwin’s a good player, but I think the Saints would rather take their chances on working a new deal with him than using the franchise tag on a center.