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Saints Front Office Officials Release Statements Regarding Payton's Move to Dallas

Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis and Tom Benson all released quick statements about yesterday's announcement that Payton would be moving with his family to Dallas...

Per the Saints official website...


"Sean is our head coach. Like we do with everyone in our organization, we support them when they need to make tough personal decisions. Sean is making a decision in the best interest of his family and he needs our support and he will get it. What I do know is that Sean is completely focused on bringing our team back to a championship. We continue to move in that right direction and I look forward to 2011."


"Sean and I have discussed his decision to move his family to Dallas and like with any personal decision, it is important that he does what is best for his family. This is a personal family matter for Sean and his family and after discussing it with him, I support his decision. We spoke of numerous other coaches that have done the same thing successfully. I am confident that Sean will continue to be an excellent head coach for the Saints for many years to come and he remains steadfast to get our team back to the Super Bowl and bring the Lombardi Trophy back to New Orleans."


"When my wife and I relocated our family from Dallas, we had always dreamed of someday settling there. We feel that now is the best time to do this. It's a decision that I'm sure many families have to confront, and I don't know if there is any one right or wrong decision - just the best one you can make for your own family."

From the Times-Pic...

Karen Hester Hegner, Play it Forward Foundation

The Payton's are still connected to the city and its people and will have a residence in NOLA as well.. All of us have a place in our hearts that we want to retire in. For them it's Dallas. With a daughter getting ready to go into high school this was the time to make that decision. They have been there for that city and donated over 1.2 million to help and will continue to. Hope everyone will come to support their family decision and dreams and just be appreciative for what they do. I know their hearts and it is frustrating to hear people judging them on what they don't know. Home Team is an incredible book about the journey ALL of you have been through and his heart for that city and that team is not diminished by a move