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Saints Offer Tenders to Jermon Bushrod and Lance Moore

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The Saints offered their first tender offers of the off-season to offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod and wide receiver Lance Moorereports the Times-Pic. 

Both players were tendered at the second-round restricted free agent level, meaning any other team wanting to sign them would need to give the Saints a second round draft pick as compensation.

Given the fact there's no new CBA on the horizon, however, means all of this could become moot when a new deal finally get's reached. As the Times-Pics points out, we don't even know whether Bushrod and Moore will be classified as restricted or unrestricted free agents under potentially new CBA rules. Still, it's certainly nice to see some offers being made and to have some real football news to talk about, instead of having to make up stories about labor negotiations and actors who've gone off the deep end.  

As per usual, I'm looking for your opinions on this move.