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Carl Nicks, Pierre Thomas and Roman Harper Among 10 Saints Receiving Tender Offers

We learned earlier today that the Saints made restricted free agent tender offers to Jermon Bushrod and Lance Moore. As it turns out, they were just two of a total of ten Saints players to receive tender offers from the organization today. Greg Bensel released more information via Twitter not too long ago. 

Those remaining eight players are:

  • Pierre Thomas
  • Carl Nicks
  • Roman Harper
  • David Thomas
  • Garrett Hartley
  • Jeff Charleston
  • Remi Ayodele
  • Usama Young

So far, so good. I'm liking the list. Of course, I love that the Saints have offered Pierre Thomas an opportunity to remain with the team, though I'm sure it's not as much money as he wants or deserves to be paid. Larry Holder says Thomas would be scheduled to make $1.85 million next season. 

Keeping Carl Nicks is obviously a priority so no surprises to see him get tendered though, again, perhaps a larger, long-term deal would have been more appropriate. Adam Caplan reports Nicks' tender was at the first-round level. 

What are you guys thinking?