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Shaun Rogers Turned Down $2 Million to Play for Saints

Jason LaCanfora revealed via Twitter that Shaun Rodgers was actually offered a one-year contract worth $6 million dollars by another NFL team but turned it down to take the Saints offer, worth $4 million. 

Here's the actual tweet:

Shaun Rogers turned down chance to make roughly $6M elsewhere to sign with Saints for about $4M. Wants to be there.  

Well...that doesn't happen very often. In fact, last time I recall that happening was when head coach Sean Payton gave up a portion of his salary to help the team land Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator. That worked out well so perhaps it's a sign of things to come. 

I don't know much about Rodgers personally so I'm not sure whether this is unusual for the defensive tackle or just another good deed in a long line of admirable actions but, either way, color me impressed. As a fan, I always like to know a player wants to be here. When it comes to professional athletes, nothing proves that to me more than

Certainly a great start and a pleasant way to win over fans and teammates. Welcome to New Orleans.