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The View from Section 140 is Mine Forever

Those of you who've been reading Da Chronic for a while may remember that my in-laws have bought me tons of Saints/football related schwag over the years. This past holiday season, they struck again and bought me probably the most unique gift yet: my actual seat from the Superdome. The seat from which I watched and documented the entire 2009 Saints championship season.

Yesterday that seat was delivered to me in pretty much the exact same condition I left it on January 2nd, when the Saints lost to the Buccaneers, with the exception of some tape and extra dirt from the removal process.


I thought the seat would come screwed to a wood base so that it could stand upright; I was wrong. Obviously they didn't clean it up any either.

Where am I going to put it? According to my wife, not anywhere in our house. Right now the plan is to display it in the store somehow. I'll probably try to clean it up a bit and screw it down to a wood base to make it more presentable.


In case you're wondering, it really is my seat. There is a unique scratch on the seat cushion to easily identify it.

The company added a decal showing the seats original location, making the whole thing official.