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NFL LABOR UPDATE: Players Considering Latest Proposal from Owners

It looks like the NFL owners have submitted their final proposal to the NFLPA today and the players are currently looking it over. 

Dan Kaplan from Sports Business Journal tweeted this:

NFL owners made revised offers on core issues this morning, source says, cld be why the players have yet to come out

Which National Football Post's Andrew Brandt is taking as a good sign:

I know I am eternal optimist with these talks but right now silence is golden in NFL.    

If the players like it, we might have a deal! If they don't, the NFLPA may decide to decertify. Or, there could be yet another extension if the sides think they're close enough to finally striking a deal.

It is already past the 2pm EST deadline set by NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith yesterday

DeMaurice Smith promised to update his players at 2 pm. Well, it's 2 pm. Labor talks continue. Will keep you posted.    

Tick, tick, tick...