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NFL LABOR UPDATE: NFLPA Files for Decertification

Bad news, NFL fans. The NFLPA has officially filed to decertify as a union. That means we've got a long way to go before we see a new deal get done and the future of NFL football is definitely on shaky ground. Lots of legal mumbo jumbo and litigation to follow. Sad and pathetic it has come to this point to be honest. 

Jim Trotter:

BREAKING: Union has faxed decertification papers to necessary parties, has learned...

...That means we're headed to the courtroom if the owners lock out the players, as expected...

if the owners lock out, you will see peyton manning, tom brady and drew brees among others suing the nfl    

Jason LaCanfora:

NFLPA officially dissolved. No longer has authority to collectively bargain for players. Is now a trade association. Judge Doty has papers...

Judge Doty will be considering an injunction to prevent any potential lockout, as part of the Brees, Brady, Manning case vs. NFL, which ...

Will be aimed at challenging the league's anti-trust status. Likely looking at multiple court cases ahead    

Albert Breer:

As I just reported on NFL Network, decertification fax went to Minnesota at 4:59 pm ET.    

There will be no extension. Apparently, it wasn't necessary and the two sides were still just too far apart...

Dan Kaplan:

Mediator just spoke to media, said he sees no reason for extension, and strong differences remain    

Jason LaCanfora again:

Mediator George Cohen says sides made some progress over 17 sessions but could not resolve "strongly held" differences on core issues...

Cohen says "no useful purpose would be served" by further mediation now. If both sides asked for it later, he'd welcome more mediation then    

The NFL is set to release a statement shortly.