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Storm 46 @ Voodoo 40: The View from Section 140

The New Orleans Sai...err...Voodoo lost a heart-breaker to the Tampa Bay Storm 46-40 at the New Orleans Arena last night in their first game back since the franchise folded over two years ago.

The Voodoo's offense did enough to win the game, thanks in large part to the outstanding play of wide receiver P.J. Berry who caught two TD's and also returned a kickoff for a score. But Tampa Bay's defense was just too much, particularly for the offensive line, who allowed Voodoo quarterback and local product Danny Wimprine (20/29, 230 yds, 3 TDs) to be harassed all night. 

"I'm embarrassed. I didn't wait around three years for this, that's for sure," Wimprine said. "It falls on my shoulders. I take responsibility."    

Not a great start for the local AFL team but the season is long and a little rust has to be expected after such a prolonged hiatus.

Make the jump for the rest of my notes in bullet form.

  • The National Anthem was sung by the boys choir from Our Lady of Castration. 
  • There were absolutely no celebrities in attendance. I thought I saw David Spade but it was just an awkward 15-year old girl. 
  • This is what we can all look forward to now that there is no NFL. Thanks to all the greedy bastards who made this possible. 
  • It's early in the season but I don't like what I'm seeing as far as balanced offensive playcalling is concerned. Head coach Derek Stingley called 47 pass plays to just 3 run plays. That's too one-dimensional and predictable. They've got FB/LB Jason Schule; it's time to use him. I'd like to see at least five or six runs called next week against the Predators. 
  • Does anyone else see the epic irony in the fact that the Voodoo's first game coincided with the exact day the NFL lockout would be declared? 
  • Penalties killed the Voodoo last night. Twelve flags for 72 yards and three pass interference calls for three touchdowns. Unacceptable! 
  • The official AFL website hasn't even been updated with the information from this game at the time of this writing (2am, 3/12/11).
  • How bad is the Voodoo offensive line? Cliff Dukes set a Tampa Bay Storm franchise record with four sacks. That's bad. 
  • If I'd actually attended this game I probably would have gotten some cotton candy. 
  • I don't know about you but I am getting sick of watching FB/LB Lance Ancar dance in place instead of running north-south. I like him because opponents are forced to game plan against him but Ancar is definitely not worth the $70,000 he's currently getting paid. He needs to either renegotiate to around $45,000 a year or the Voodoo should trade him to the Pittsburgh Power for their best player and all of their 2012 draft picks. 
  • The Voodoo and Storm will meet again in Tampa on July 1st. 
  • AFL teams play an 18-game season. Just thought that was funny. 
  • Oh...are you still reading all the way down here? Good for you! 


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