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Should Fans Shoulder Any Blame In This Labor Fiasco?

Is Fan Ferocity like this contributing to the labor strife? (Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images)
Is Fan Ferocity like this contributing to the labor strife? (Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Good afternoon, Saints fans.

As this labor situation continues to unfold like the morning newspaper at the breakfast table (which begs the question - Do people still unfold and read real newspapers anymore?), we have been discussing various aspects of the idea of who's to blame: the players or the owners?

In his Sunday morning column for the Times-Pic/, Jeff Duncan explores the role that fan loyalty and subservience play and will continue to play in this mess.

Make the jump for some snippets from his beat column...

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In contrast to what's happening to the economy and other sports leagues, Duncan points to the NFL's success as due to the fans' willingness to submit:

Yes, sir, may I have another personal seat license and $15 beer!

He also sees this mindset as feeding the owners' and players' feelings of invincibility and righteousness.

The players and owners know this, of course. That's why they continue to do what they want, when they want, for as long as they want.

As long as the fans consume new NFL offerings and higher-priced products with their viewership, attendance, and disposable income, and vote to support new stadiums, the league will continue to explore ways to get more of our money, he asserts, and that is how the fans are perpetuating this behemoth.

How long before the league sells broadcast rights to minicamps and weightlifting programs?

I understand fans' indignation at this billionaires-vs.-millionaires standoff. It's definitely off-putting to hear the spin, bickering and patronizing. But really, who's to blame here?

In the end, aren't we're all partly responsible for this situation? Shouldn't we reach a CBA -- Collective Blame Agreement -- of our own?

So how about it, mighty mentalists of CSC? Do you feel that NFL fans should consider themselves members of the Collective Blame Agreement? If so, what should we do about it? What do you think we'll actually do as fans during this mess and afterwards?

HansDat's inquiring mind wants to know!