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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, March 13


usama_young28 Cirque du soliel put on a show as expected. Now its time to lay it down and get ready for another week of grinding in FL. #stayfocused

usama_young28 Charlotte RT @jgoody76: @usama_young28u in orlando

usama_young28 Totem RT @dr_sojo: @usama_young28Which Cirque du Soliel show u see?

jgoody76 @usama_young28 ok I went to one of those shows in fl

usama_young28 @jgoody76 yea, they travel all over

jgoody76 @usama_young28 think one here is year round it's party of Disney. Just saw it Thursday. It's pretty good

j_bushrod7475 @jgoody76 when u wanna start this training

jgoody76 @jgoody76 think stinch said he's going in April. What u thinking?

j_bushrod7475 @jgoody76 I will start in late march if anyone else is tryin to... #stankinassLOCKOUT

jgoody76 @j_bushrod7475 I'll let u know think I might fly there for a couple days a week like I use to do for our workouts

HeathEvans "@BillPlaschke: Owners are villains in NFL labor fight" Bill I've always enjoyed your commentary but now I LOVE U MAN!

T_Porter22 Got this new phone and lost ALL my contacts.#FML

markschlereth if you have a unique skill that very few in the world possess you're gonna get paid regardless of profession! why hate players cuz of $?

markschlereth No ESPN doesn't share their #'s with me but they also didn't cut my pay to build the new cafeteria either

HeathEvans "@DonteStallworth: Thank you @markschlereth, for your input and insight on #NFL labor issues"

HeathEvans "@RapSheet:RT @RonBorges Owners' problem is not Doty. Owners' problem is the law. They've never seen an anti-trust law they didn't break"

alexbrown96 Congrats!!!! RT @dmpressley: She said yes y'all!!!!!!!! I am engaged!!!

jgoody76 Just spotted this in Tampa.

j_bushrod7475 Who's hiring lol... #reallynotfunny but#dontjudgeme... I got a few #skills!!

T_Porter22 I need all my teammates that r following me to DM me y'alls phone #s bc I lost my contacts

j_bushrod7475 Maaaaan #kickrocks lol "@T_Porter22: I need all my teammates that r following me to DM me y'alls phone#s bc I lost my contacts"

T_Porter22 "@dmpressley: She said yes y'all!!!!!!!! I am engaged!!!" Congrats my boy!

T_Porter22 @BillyMiller83 @bobbymccray @dmpressley@HeathEvans @iWillSmith DM me y'all #s lost contacts

T_Porter22 Man this losing contacts ish is for the birds.#killingme

T_Porter22 "@danteperkins: Get em at OTAs...o forgot no NFL" it ain't our fault


Labor Pains

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Mike Triplett - Lawsuit attacks league policies.

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Peter King -- Now that the players have decertified as a sports union, setting into place the real possibility that games will be lost in the 2011 season, the biggest question fans across America must have is this: How in the world did it come to this?

NFL labor negotiation situation shouldn't be a surprise |
Don Banks - Here's wishing they would have saved us all some time and skipped the explanations of what went wrong, or why things broke down once again.

Goodell, Pash slice salaries to $1 during lockout |
Associated Press

NFL Owners Don't Want to Be Partners with Players, Fans |
Brian Frederick - NFL owners are more interested in using players to extract money from loyal fans rather than working with both sides to truly grow the game.

The Battle for a Billion |
Wm. David Cornwell, Sr. - If NFL owners expect NFL players to act like partners by sharing their investment in the game, then NFL owners must treat NFL players as partners by sharing the benefits of that investment.

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Staff report - The NFL Players Association decertified Friday as talks with the NFL about a new labor deal collapsed. What does the decertification mean?

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Staff report - Legal analyst Gabe Feldman joined NFL Network on Friday to share his thoughts after the NFL Players Association announced it had decertified.

Training camp hosts among those affected by lockout | ProFootballTalk
Michael David Smith - If the NFL's lockout lasts five months or more, and training camps are affected, the places that host those camps are going to be hurt.

Will Von Miller be blackballed? - AFC West Blog |
Bill Williamson - Miller was the only draft prospect of the 10 players named on the lawsuit.