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NFL LABOR UPDATE: Injunction Hearing Scheduled, Judge Doty Not Hearing Case

We've got our first courtroom date set for April 6th, when preliminary injunction hearings will begin. That's a little over three weeks from now but it's relatively soon from a legal standpoint. 

Bad news for the players though. Judge Doty, who has already ruled favorably for the NFLPA in the TV contract "lockout insurance" decision, will not be presiding over the injunction hearings. Score one for the owners.

Drew Brees commented to Jim Trotter about the latest news regarding the change of judges:

to us that's not an issue. that's something that the owners seemed to be very concerned about...

brees added that the case is about the law, not the judge.    

Circle April 6th on your calender and synchronize your watches. Also, there will be no negotiations between the sides before the injunction hearing takes place on that day.