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Fleur-de-Links - March 14th: Saints Bring Back John Bonamego as Assistant Special Teams Coach

It's not much of a story, but at least it's not CBA related. Seeing how Bonamego was fired by the Dolphins during the 2010 season, I'm not sure his presence will do a lot to help the Saints' special teams woes. Oh well. At least we have something team related to discuss instead of this seemingly endless CBA debate. Looks like the two sides will be in a total stalemate until at least April 6th.


Drew Brees of New Orleans Saints says NFL's final offer 'was all a show': The t...

NFLPlayerNews Saints | GM feels good about Shaun Rogers

Adam Schefter
One NFLPA source said there's "no chance" there will be negotiations, or even possibly a deal, before April 6 lockout hearing is resolved.

Reggie Bush
Just had a great lunch at Green Street Cafe in Coconut Grove, FL

Reggie Bush
Now I got the itis. Lol!

Jeff Duncan
RT @: Drew Brees on NFL's last offer: "It was all a front. I think it was all a show, with no real intent to get a deal done."

Jeff Duncan
Possible top pick? RT @: LSU CB Patrick Peterson had dinner w/Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera in Baton Rouge on Sun. night.

Jeff Duncan
RT @: Former K John Carney hasn't been added to coaching staff yet but it's something team will consider later this yr

Jeff Duncan
RT @: brought back former ST coord. John Bonamego as asst. special teams coach. Mike Mallory moves to asst. secondary.

Chris Mortensen
In NFLPA conference call, Drew Brees (@) strong on being named plaintiff; downplayed Judge Doty not being assigned case

Adam Schefter
NFLPA's @ categorized talk of deal like this: "Perception was we were really really close; the reality is we really weren't.".

Heath Evans
"@: My advice to fans: dont worry, trust the process, everything will work itself out in due time"

New Orleans Saints
LSU LB Kelvin Sheppard said Saints Assistant HC/LB Coach Joe Vitt was very help with the prospects. Offering specific tips & drills.

Jonathan Vilma

New Orleans Saints
LSU's Patrick Peterson speaks with the media. He is Mel Kiper's No. 1 prospect & Mike Mayock's No. 3

Tracy Porter
Mom is trying to make me feel better! This is a great start!

Chase Daniel
And the diet starts! Tuna, avocado, kiwi, eggs, spinach salad with tomatoes, & carrots

Jonathan Vilma
This weekend....we won....Boom!

New Orleans Saints
Coach Payton with LSU HC Les Miles

Malcolm Jenkins
I forgot how hard the college workouts used to be... my arms feel like they are going to fall off...

Jason La Canfora
Judge Nelson and not Judge Doty will be overseeing the Brady v. NFL case, parties have been informed. Could be a huge turn of events

Courtney Roby
A mans heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his path..

Thomas Morstead
In Colorado with flat Stanley... And my gf.

New Orleans Saints
Coach Payton & DC Gregg Williams at the LSU Pro Day


New Orleans Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis discusses recent team activity |
Loomis, Coach Sean Payton among others at LSU's pro timing day

LSU players perform in front of NFL and New Orleans Saints coaches, scouts at pro timing day |
Cornerback Patrick Peterson had dinner with Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera Sunday night, hopes to become No. 1 overall draft pick



NFLPA conference call shows players with solid resolve - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
One thing that was perfectly clear from the start of the call — after the appeal decision in the lockout insurance case, and two weeks of mediation that ended last Friday, the players may have their heels dug in even more than before. This is going to the Minnesota District Court on April 6, and though the players (now termed the "class counsel" as opposed to the "Players' Union") could decide to negotiate further with the owners, it would seem to take a near-miracle for that to happen. These guys are not happy with the way things went, and they want the world to know.

David Cornwell addresses the respect issue | ProFootballTalk
Sports attorney David Cornwell batted cleanup on Monday's PFT Live, and proceeded to bring the heat. He was especially concerned with reports of a lack of respect coming from the ownership side.

Pash: "I’m not convinced they want to see the numbers" | ProFootballTalk
"We went a long way towards satisfying their financial transparency demands," Pash said. "Frankly, I’m not convinced they want to see the numbers. I think they like it better as an issue to whack us upside the head with then actually look at the numbers."

Report: NFLPA* tells incoming players to boycott draft | ProFootballTalk
The non-asterisked NFLPA, back when it was a labor union, advised incoming rookies to attend last month's Scouting Combine. The NFLPA*, now a trade association, reportedly wants those incoming rookie to eschew any invitation to attend next month's draft.

April 6 hearing date gives NFL, players time to talk | ProFootballTalk
Earlier today, Judge Susan Nelson issued an order setting an April 6 hearing date in the players' motion for preliminary injunction, which requests that the lockout be blocked while the lawsuit proceeds. Here's what it means, actually or potentially. 1.

Feely: Owners’ delay in making offer hurt progress | ProFootballTalk
A few things stood out from Cardinals kicker Jay Feely's appearance on Monday's PFT Live. He stressed that players wanted to meet with owners more last week.  In two days in Washington, Feely estimates he sat across from the owners for roughly 30 minutes.

Lawmaker to target NFL's TV antitrust exemption | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
"At a time when the economy is struggling and the NFL has chosen to lock out its players, it is particularly inappropriate to allow the league to benefit from a special antitrust exemption," said Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. His bill will be dubbed the "Prevent Lockout of Athletes This Year Act," or PLAY Act.

April 6 hearing set for antitrust lawsuit vs NFL
An April 6 hearing date has been set in the federal antitrust lawsuit filed by players against the NFL.

Roger Goodell's $1 salary begins with start of NFL lockout - ESPN
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and league general counsel Jeff Pash are slashing their salaries to $1 each during the lockout.

NFL players' antitrust suit reassigned to third judge - ESPN
The federal antitrust lawsuit filed by players against the NFL has been reassigned to a third judge.

Report: NFL owners have cash to cover lost '11 - ESPN
The NFL's owners have enough money saved to carry them through a lost 2011 season, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Lifting of lockout could scramble rules - NFC South Blog - ESPN
If NFL players succeed in their attempt to have the lockout lifted by the legal system, the pool of unrestricted free agents is going to get a lot sma - NFL owners to blame for the lockout
PFW publisher Hub Arkush writes that the team owners are to blame for the current labor mess.

"There will be a season." You sure? | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA
That's what Commissioner Roger Goodell keeps saying. So do many of the owners and lots of players, even though labor talks collapsed, the union dissolved itself, and star players including MVP Tom Brady asked for a preliminary injunction to prevent a lockout hours before the league even implemented one.



Panthers to look at Ryan Mallett - NFC South Blog - ESPN

Gerald McCoy ships out to Uganda - NFC South Blog - ESPN

Falcons looking hard at WRs - NFC South Blog - ESPN