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Latest SB Nation Mock Draft Now Has Saints Taking DE Kerrigan

Yet another updated NFL mock draft has been released by the fine folks from the mother ship and once again, they've chosen a different player for the Saints. First it was running back Mark IngramThen it was defensive tackle Stephen Paea. But I think fans will be most happy with the player the Saints are predicted to draft in SB Nation's latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft

Somehow, someway, Purdue defensive end Ryan Kerrigan has slipped all the way down to the No. 24 overall spot and it's just too good to be true for the Saints:

24. New Orleans Saints: Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue. Gregg Williams remains an excellent defensive coordinator, but if the team's performance in a playoff loss to Seattle is any indication, defensive upgrades are needed. Kerrigan is a great value pick here, and a nice complement to Will Smith.    

Can't argue with any of that. I doubt many of us out there in Who Dat Nation would have a problem with this scenario. I also doubt this scenario has very much chance of actually happening. Kerrigan would be an incredible value at No. 24 overall and I'm willing to bet most other mock drafts out there have the defensive end off the board by the time the Saints are on the clock. But stranger things have happened I suppose. 

What do you think? Any chance Ryan Kerrigan slips? Any way the Saints wouldn't take him?