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Fleur-de-Links: March 17, 2011


Coach Payton at the Saints HS Coach of the Year Banquet last night with this year's winner Jesuit's Wayde Keiser!

Alex James Brown
Who else is having a green beverage right now?
New Orleans Saints
Saints Team Ambassador Michael Lewis spoke at the Saint Phillip Neri Grandparents Club in New Orleans today!

New Orleans Saints
Cool frame! RT @: Newest addition to my office! @

Usama Young
Done workin out... Time to see what my bracket is lookin like

Adam Schefter
Some off-season workout bonuses easily could be flushed away by the lockout

Chase Daniel
Wish I could support my guys at Pro Day today.. said we could'nt...

Heath Evans
If u want a credit card company that will always have your back, u need @ I love my AMEX!

New Orleans Saints
If u are celebrating St. Patrick's Day in NOLA tonight, be sure to stop by Gregg Williams' Fundraiser at Superior Grill!

Jeremy Shockey

Adam Schefter
RT @: Wonderlics are booksmart/ processing tests. Peyton Manning + Drew Brees each scored 28. Elway 29. Marino + Jim Kelly each 15

Chase Daniel
Hitting up this Bikram Yoga..90 minutes of 110 degrees..somebody decided to skip out this morning...not me!

Kawika Mitchell
by scottshanle
Happy St. Patricks Day!! Be safe out there and Please don't drink and drive.

Malcolm Jenkins
Doing a photo shoot for @ ...they keep ya boy fresh

New Orleans Saints
VIDEO OF THE DAY: In Week 16 on Monday Night Football, Saints force Falcons RB Michael Turner to fumbler on 2nd & goal!


Q&A: Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis on labor strife, offseason plans

Will Saints open at Lambeau Field? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
No matter what happens with the labor situation, the NFL plans to announce its 2011 regular-season schedule in the same way and at the same time we&rs Blogs " Blog Archive Alabama’s Ingram could land in New Orleans "
NFL Blogs on is the only official NFL blog destination for the latest NFL news, NFL fantasy football news, NFL player news, NFL team news, and NFL breaking news.

New Orleans Saints tailback Reggie Bush announced plans for third annual football camp |
Camp will be May 14-15 for boys and girls ages 7-14.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " NFL Lockout News: Heath Evans Will Talk Your Ear Off About Football, Business, Moronic Comments By His Colleagues, Etc.
Enter Heath Evans, fullback for the New Orleans Saints who has also spent time in New England and Seattle. Evans recently joined WEEI in Boston to talk about the ongoing CBA saga, and not surprisingly, his insights and commentary on it all were worth a listen.

NFC South needs to find pass rush in draft - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Let’s have a little bit of fun and play a game of NFC South word and name association. I’ll start it off and say franchise quarterbacks.

College Pro Days Flesh Out Prospects

What's In The 24th Pick



Let's Cut The Crap, Shall We? | Cheesehead TV
Enough is enough when it comes to the back and forth between the league and their locked-out players.

How to run a business – Communist Party-style - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Contrary to the capitalist rhetoric that's steadily preached, the NFL has a decidedly Eastern-bloc feel. - National Football League news

In the NFL, "communism" is more about competition | ProFootballTalk
Our good friend Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, who slipped on the ice in Dallas and suffered a concussion (which explains why he kept blurting out "yo yo ma!" in the press box on game day), apparently is still suffering the effects of his acute case of bumpus-on-the-nogginus. We're kidding.

Ross Tucker says disrespecting NFL players won’t work | ProFootballTalk
Former NFL player (and 6'4", 280-pound perimeter shooter) Ross Tucker joined PFT Live today with some intriguing takes about the ongoing lockout. As to the issue of owners arguably disrespecting players during face-to-face negotiations, Tucker makes a great point:  It doesn't produce the desired...

Rashard Mendenhall has Adrian Peterson’s back | ProFootballTalk
We thought the controversy surrounding Adrian Peterson's slavery comment was over.   And then we saw Pittsburgh running back Rashard Mendenhall's reaction to the remarks, albeit two days after the fact. And, well, we don't have a lot else to write about right now.

Antonio Cromartie: Players should attend the NFL draft | ProFootballTalk
Once again, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie has gone on Twitter and said he disagrees with the players' leadership in their ongoing labor battle with NFL owners.



Another NFL player hops to Arena League | ProFootballTalk
The Arena League has signed on another player from an NFL roster. Just like Troy Bergeron you have probably never heard of the guy.  (Sorry Troy.)  The Arizona Rattlers signed wideout Rod Windsor, who is on the Browns' roster.