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Fleur-de-Links: March 19th, 2011


reggie_bush Man we think we have violence over here??? Our violence has nothing on the stuff that goes on in the middle east! Everyday is a war 4 them

KawikaMitchell Safer game? Cool. Let's have clear cut rules. Concerned about our health as men? Longer health insurance. If its real Lets treat it that way

alexbrown96 Oh Yeah!!!! My Gators headed to New Orleans... If this #lockoutwasn't going on i would be there for sure..

KawikaMitchell Wonder if we had lifetime health insurance could death be avoided? Could a simple treatment help? A lot of talk about a safer game?

KawikaMitchell  W/O lifetime health insurance its a tuff game to win btw player and team. Report injury=sacrifice $ but injury taken care of later in life

KawikaMitchell Kawika Mitchell It takes time to realize what you're laying on the line playing this great game. We can't do a good enough job educating young players

KawikaMitchell I hope and pray my colleagues and I can manage the health issues when they come our way. Too many former players are dying or suffering. Sad

T_Porter22 Finna head to BR so mari can go see her cousin

T_Porter22 Tired but can't sleep..

j_bushrod7475  My golf tournament will be June 17th Kids youth visualize and rize football camp June 18th In king George, va... If interested, let me know!

usama_young28  Watup followers! Can y'all wish my little sis @thomasina_319 a happy birthday.We're out shopping and she said it doesn't feel like her bday!

dmcallister26 It's my grandma's & my birthday. 7 years ago I lost her. Could I get a happy birthday. Happy bday hope its a great one

TylerLorenzen  Shooting hoops clears the head. Double meaning, zones me out & also helps these sinuses, feels like I have the pacific ocean in my dome #zen

alexbrown96  Headed to the car wash to get my truck cleaned up with the kids..

MalcolmJenkins  I made it!!!! ...almost broke a sweat tryna hold that

T_Porter22  All WE want to do is play football!

MalcolmJenkins  Man im stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and I have to PEE soooo bad....and no stores are in site!! #notfun

T_Porter22  I'm ready to lace my cleats up if "they" stop playing around with us.

MalcolmJenkins  Headed to the Thunder on the Bay Air Show in Biloxi, Ms.... never been to an air show before. This should be fun!

dannyclark55  Outside of "Self Destruction and We all in the Same Gang". Biggie's One More Chance Remix had the most cameo appearances from artists ever.



Saints and Army Speak To Students at Hahnville HS
New Orleans Saints Official Website

Saints QB Brees makes perfect face for union-less players
But at what cost?

NFL lockout won't hurt Superdome management company |
LSED would save nearly $1.2 million in staffing

Some New Orleans Saints players could miss out on offseason workout bonuses |
Sedrick Ellis, Drew Brees, Jahri Evans reportedly stand to lose the most

Draft Watch: NFC South - ESPN
Worst choice: Al Woods. It’s hard to find any flaws in the way Payton and Loomis have drafted. They haven’t totally missed on any early picks. Woods was a fourth-round pick in 2010, but he ended up getting cut in the preseason. You generally expect a fourth-round pick to at least make the roster. 



NFL players say Goodell attempted to 'divide' -

NFLPA: Owners' contract proposal was 'switcheroo' - The Advocate

Gene Atkins: A discarded and disabled former football player forgotten in the NFL lockout
As the National Football League hired lawyers and attorneys from the decertified National Football League Players Association game-planned for an April court date

Mike Vrabel of Kansas City Chiefs suggests cutting NFL brass out of talks - ESPN
Chiefs veteran linebacker Mike Vrabel has an idea for progressing talks between the NFL Players Association and the owners who have locked them out: cut out the middle men.