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Fleur-de-Links: March 2, 2011

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Happy birthday, Reggie Bush! No. 25 turns 26 today. That's age-wise only. He didn't suddenly morph into Deuce McAllister, so don't get your hopes up that he's suddenly become a power back capable of running people over and moving the pile. No offense to Reggie intended. I still love you, man.

Lots of tweets and more links than usual these days after the jump.

Here's a taste - Drew Brees and 10 owners attend today's CBA mediation session, Archie Manning reflects on the day the Saints drafted him 40 years ago, and James Varney answers questions asking if Jon Stinchcomb and Roman Harper are overrated.

Plus, Grandmaster Wang posts another awesome piece. This time it's on how Mickey Loomis finally got the offseason ball a rollin' yesterday by signing Shaun Rogers and then making several tender offers. Be sure to check it out.


Agent: Julio Jones to have surgery, to be OK by NFL draft: Alabama wide receive...

Heath Evans
"@: @ Planned PH does more than JUST abortions! I know but that's like saying my boyfriend is really good he only beat me 1x

Heath Evans
"@: @ My tax dollars support a war I don't believe in. No your tax $ support a war that gives u the freedom u enjoy!

Heath Evans
"@: @ @ would you rather your tax dollars pay for welfare, food stamps and prisons?"Yes I would!

Davidnot Chappelle
by j_bushrod7475
The McRib is back, that's . Unless you the goat whose meat is used to make it, then thats .

Heath Evans
"@: OUTRAGE: House votes to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding. Good! Why should my tax dollars support abortion!

Heath Evans
As Looms Players Look For Other Revenue Streams - - Forbes

Chris Mortensen
On Julio Jones, remember his stress fracture was discovered 2 days before his sensational workout. Felt no symptoms & still has none.

Jason La Canfora
Meeting is underway among NFL owners in Virginia, outside of DC. No news yet. We shall see

Heath Evans
"@: Thank you Heath! Good to know SOMEONE doesnt think its a Catholic-only issue" It's a perverse, sex driven, society issue!!

Chris Mortensen
Julio Jones will have screw inserted in foot Saturday in Charlotte by noted specialist Dr. Robert Anderson, agent Jimmy Sexton confirms.

MartinNot lawrence
by HeathEvans
holding my breath while this dude talkin in my face, Bruh yo breath is disrespectful..

Heath Evans
If u guys really want to know the truth about the owners check this out! Thx U Judge Doty!!

Lance Moore
RT @: Damn strong ass meatball @ got me walking like an old ass man chet!!!< Hahahah my ...

Dez Bryant
by JasonLaCanfora
Going down to New Orleans to train next week if we have this lock out

Adam Schefter
Football parlance: To have CBA deadline extended, sides would have to get to midfield. They're at the 5, and have been there two years.

Reggie Bush
Hey thank you guys for the birthday wishes! Going to be a fun day!

Adam Schefter
Don't believe either side talking about progress yet. Short of mediator George Cohen saying there is progress, everything else is spin.

Investigators obtain warrant for agent's financial records in UNC probe: Invest...

Billy Miller
Got an email that said if we all stop buying gas from Exxon and Mobile gas prices will go way down! What do you think?

RT @: One-on-one with Saints QB Drew Brees on NFL Network shortly.

New Orleans Saints
VIDEO OF THE DAY: @ comes up with a great catch on a 36-yard pass from @ vs. Panthers

Adam Schefter
Former Colts safety Bob Sanders is visiting today with the New York Jets. Sanders already visited Jacksonville and Buffalo.

New Orleans Saints
Happy Birthday to @! #25 turns 26 today...

New Orleans Saints
PHOTO OF THE DAY: The newest Saint Shaun Rogers with Drew Brees after the Saints-Browns game on Oct. 24(AP PHOTO)

Lance Moore
Oh and I appreciate everyone's support. The situation will be worked out one way or another. Its just a matter of time. Thanks tweeps

Jeremy Shockey
Working hard and getting ready for the next chapter!!!

Adam Schefter
So exactly when did Charlie Sheen become more important than what's going on in the rest of the world?


moosedenied " Blog Archive " My sausage has turned to gold!
Pasted from the never-to-be-published draft: "I mean, damn, Mickey. I'm not asking for much, just something. Surely you could at least go ahead and sign Rogers. Or just knock out an easy one like re-upping Hartley or Dave Thomas or something. Just throw us a freakin' bone, would ya?" So much for that.

Shaun Rogers left $2 million on the table to sign with Saints | ProFootballTalk
Shaun Rogers has spent most of his career as a good player on a bad team: In 10 NFL seasons with Detroit and Cleveland, the best team he ever played on was the 2007 Lions, who went 7-9. Now he's sick of the losing, and willing to take less money to play on a good team.

Are New Orleans Saints OT Jon Stinchcomb and S Roman Harper overrated? Saints mailbag |
James Varney: "But Charles Brown, in my opinion, isn't quite ready. Fortunately for Brown, of course, my opinion doesn't carry much weight in the coaches' office and Mickey Loomis gave Brown an explicit vote of confidence when speaking with me last month. And Loomis is correct in this respect: the fact Brown was inactive week after week is not indicative of how much promise the Saints think he has. He was a rookie, and as he told me early in the season the Saints offensive schemes were very different from those he played at Southern Cal and Brown acknowledged he found the learning curve a steep one. If he was going to play more this year, though, it would likely be at right tackle where he would spell and, perhaps, eventually replace Stinchcomb."

New Orleans Saints: RFA Tender And Compensation Levels Revealed " Who Dat Dish | A New Orleans Saints Blog

Payton to Serve on the NFL Coaches' Subcommittee

Saints agree to terms with free agent defensive tackle Shaun Rogers
NEW ORLEANS – A very big man has filled a very big need on defense for the New Orleans Saints.

Saints kicker Hartley agrees to new 5-year deal

New Orleans Saints agree to one-year contract with defensive tackle Shaun Rogers |
Three-time Pro Bowler was released by Cleveland Browns last month

New Orleans Saints announce that they have sent tender offers to 10 potential restricted free agents |
Saints send tenders to S Roman Harper, G Carl Nicks, OT Jermon Bushrod, RB Pierre Thomas, WR Lance Moore, TE David Thomas, K Garrett Hartley, DT Remi Ayodele, DE Jeff Charleston, S Usama Young.

New Orleans Saints offer second-round restricted free agent tenders to offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod, receiver Lance Moore |
Safety Usama Young receives third-round tender offer - NFC South free-agent preview
With the owners and players mired in negotiations, the beginning of free agency is almost certain to be delayed. Yet, PFW is examining the free-agent picture for each club, here featuring the NFC South.


QB coach says Cam Newton is hungry and 'beyond coachable' -
First, Cam Newton read from a prepared statement when he met with NFL reporters Saturday at the NFL scouting combine in a bid to clarify remarks made in an interview promoting his multi-million Under Armour endorsement deal when he said he sought to...

NFL mock draft after Scouting Combine - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
24. New Orleans Saints (11-5), Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State: At 6-foot-5, 294 pounds, Heyward looks to be the perfect fit for Gregg Williams’ attacking 4-3 alignment. The Saints' pass rushers didn’t apply the same pressure on opposing offenses last season as they did the year before. Heyward would do just that, and also has a personal connection to the Saints franchise. Heyward’s father was the late Saints great, Craig "Ironhead" Heyward. The Ohio State star must prove he’s recovered from reconstructive elbow surgery he underwent in January, but few doubt he will. He should be fine by April, where I see him going to New Orleans as a late first-round pick.


Brees, 10 owners attend NFL mediation with union | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA
WASHINGTON — All 10 members of the NFL owners' labor committee and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees attended Wednesday's mediation session between the league and the players' union, with fewer than 40 hours left until the collective bargaining agreement expires.

NFL ownership joins the party too | ProFootballTalk
Judging by attendance, Wednesday's mediated negotiations between the NFL and NFLPA will be the most crucial yet. That's hardly a surprise with the clock running out on this league year in, oh, 38 hours.

Federal judge sides with NFL players' union in TV dispute |
Players argued owners collected chest to fund lockout


Jason Kyle's wild ride isn't just a snap - NFC South Blog - ESPN
"You know, I’d never thought about it in these terms until today,’’ said Kyle, 38 and a veteran of 17 NFL seasons. "We’re professional athletes, and people think we’re great and want our autographs and treat us like kings. But we’re not heroes. We’re just guys that are blessed to be able to run fast or shoot a basketball or whatever, and some of us work at it very hard. But that doesn’t make us heroes. Those people are the real heroes.’’

Archie reflects 40 years after Saints drafted him | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
"No interviews. No 40 times. No throwing in front of no Pro Day, no anything," Manning said. "It was different, much, much different. When you see what they do today you should say they should never miss. But obviously there were always the misses."