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The Circus is Coming to Town

NFL owners, league executives, coaches, commissioner Roger Goodell and the media are all on their way to New Orleans as we speak for the NFL's annual meetings, taking place at the Roosevelt Hotel this week.

SI_PeterKing   Good to see Mr. AFCSouth, Pat Yasinkas, and czar of Tampa, Ira Kaufman, on my SW flight 2 New Orleans this a.m. Subdued NFL meetings await.    

JasonLaCanfora    Alright, we're about to lift off. Thanks for helping me get through the wait. Off to NOLA. Have a great day. Cheers.    

Obviously the NFL lockout will be topic numero uno on the agenda. Also on the schedule will be discussion of five proposed rule changes that include:

  • Changing the kick off to the 35-yard line, placing touchbacks on the 25-yard line and eliminating all wedge formations.
  • All scoring plays subject to instant replay.
  • Modify illegal launching.

The meeting coincides with the NCAA basketball tournament, also in town this week. Let the insanity...begin.