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How You Rank 'Em: Top 5 WR's Edition

The wide receiver position is probably the second most glorified position in football. Some receivers celebrate every time they catch the ball. To fans, those receivers are the most obnoxious players in the league. To other fans, those same players are the most entertaining part of the game. All that aside, the wide receiver position can be game changing by making huge plays and some times just by changing the game plan of defensive coordinators.

After the jump, I have listed five wide receivers. Those five wide receivers I think are the best of the best in the NFL currently. Make the jump to see my list then provide your own list of best receivers.

1. Andre Johnson, Texans

Probably should just switch his middle name to "Game Changer." In every game he plays, you can guarantee that he is going to get at least one catch, no matter who is covering him. In fact, since entering the league in 2003, Johnson has played in 115 games and has had at least one catch in all but one game. He recently broke a record that even Jerry Rice didn't have: he caught at least 60 catches in eight seasons. Even in his rookie year, he had 66 catches and 976 yards receiving with David Carr as his quarterback. When the Texans upgraded to Matt Schaub, Andre's totals shot through the roof (besides the 2007 season when Andre only played nine games, yet still had 60 receptions for 851 yards and 8 TDs). Simply put, this man is the beast of wide receivers and I'm pretty sure it'd be illegal for the Saints to have him on their team.

2. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

Coming off the 2008 season, Fitzgerald was being called the best receiver in the game. Fitzgerald coupled with Kurt Warner had led to a strong Cardinals passing attack. The talk kinda tapered off in 2009, but Fitzgerald was still a damn good wide receiver. Then came 2010 and the loss of Kurt Warner. Simply looking at his stats, I have to ask: how did that debate die? He and Andre are close on stat sheet. Both have similar numbers when working with mediocre quarterbacks and both have great stats when working with great quarterback. I'm giving Andre the edge, but it's clear to me that Fitzgerald is just as good talent-wise and the factor working in his favor is that he is a year younger than Johnson.

3. Calvin Johnson, Lions

Do you have a child and want them to be a superstar wide receiver when they grow up? Make sure their last name is Johnson, because that seems to work. Calvin Johnson, or "Megatron," is a tower of a man at 6'5" and 236 lbs. He is the prototypical No. 1 receiver on the team. He can create separation, can be an absolute beast on the field and could give Andre Johnson a good run for his money as the new top receiver in the league soon. What is his biggest flaw though? He's on the Lions. While it isn't his fault, he has yet to have a good quarterback throw the ball to him. While it can be argued that Stafford is good, Stafford still can't stay on the field long enough to accurately judge. Give Stafford and Johnson a full year and the Lions passing attack will flourish.

4. Roddy White, Falcons

Despite my absolute utter hatred for the man, White is actually pretty good. Though he started out average as a rookie and sophomore, he has improved dramatically since then. He's had four 1,100+ yard seasons in a row and has caught the ball at least 80 times in each of those four seasons. 2010 was his best performance so far and I hope it's his last. Ladies, if you're interested, in his spare time he prefers cooking, reading and pissing off cities in his spare time. So please call (number redacted) if you are interested and could possibly sabotage his game. In all manner of seriousness, White is good and I would probably name a second born after him if he were on the Saints instead of on, well, you know. Now please excuse me as I go shower.

5. Reggie Wayne, Colts

It's getting harder to put Wayne in the top five. He is getting older and though he has good talent, it's hard to know how good he is without Peyton Manning. Regardless, he is still a great possession receiver and is still a great receiver that many teams would love to have. But I have a strong feeling that after the 2011 lockout, Wayne won't be in the top five anymore.