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Saints will NEVER Appear on "Hard Knocks" Series

Don't expect the Saints to ever be featured on HBO's excellent series about NFL training camp, Hard Knocks. Ever!

Not long ago, Adam Schefter initially tweeted that the Saints were on the short list of possible candidates for this years series. Then later informed us that the Saints would actually pass on the opportunity. But that wasn't enough for Vice President of Communications Greg Bensel, who was sure to clarify the teams position just minutes later. Just in case there was any confusion.

To clarify Adam Schefter tweet; we are asked each year to do hard knocks and each year we politely decline

Not only did the Saints pass up the opportunity this year but they've said no for years now. And we can only assume they will continue to politely decline.

Which sucks.

I watch Hard Knocks every summer and I think it's incredibly well done, as is almost everything HBO produces. For example, if you haven't watched yet, Boardwalk Empire is brilliant and only one season old. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

But it's disappointing to know we'll never get the inside look at the human side of our favorite team as only Hard Knocks can deliver. Of course, that's never been the Saints method of operation so I can't say their decision to remain quiet and keep the doors closed doesn't surprise me. Perhaps they've got lots to hide?

The Saints have become a frigid organization. Sometimes, I just wish they'd loosen up a bit. Even Bensel's handling of this exact situation shows just how serious they take absolutely everything. I know some fans might like that approach. I'm not crazy about it.