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Fleur-de-Links - March 22nd: Coach Speak Edition

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Coach Payton sat down with the media yesterday and today and let loose on a number of topics regarding the team, his move to Dallas, and his thoughts on the upcoming season. Make the jump for links to it all plus more video than you can shake a stick at.


Saints Sideline
Times-Picayune: New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton hasn't been feeling effects of lockout yet

deuce mcallister
Greg Anderson is a BEAST.

New Orleans Saints
Vote for Drew Brees to become the 1st player to be on the cover of @ twice!

Thomas Morstead
Wow 5 yards less for a touchback...

Jonathan Vilma
The Nfl made rule changes's a rule to change....let us play football!

Usama Young
Done workin out. Crushin this slurpee... Haven't had one in a minute!

New Orleans Saints
Group photo of the 32 NFL head coaches at the NFL owners meetings in New Orleans

Heath Evans
Voodoo Barbq for lunch! Going to have to run a lot of extra today!! Gotta have it though!! Extra abs now too!

Thomas Morstead
Headed up to Monroe to visit my little cousins, 2 more days till Dallas!

Courtney Roby
"@: Kickoffs are very exciting It's crazy watching guys like Roby, DHester, Sproles<--cant beleive they passed that ruling bruh..!

Lance Moore
RT @: @ I love Chipotle! What do you get from there?< Got the chicken burrito!!!

jonathan goodwin
The guys in the wedge will be happy. Returners not to thrilled RT @: Kickoffs will be moved up to (cont)

Jason La Canfora
McKay says the vote on the kickoff modification proposal had 26 yeah votes and 6 against, according to his notes but will double check

New Orleans Saints
RT @ players on kickoff coverage team must line up within 5 yards of the 35. Can no longer get 15-yard running start

Jason La Canfora
Rich McKay said vote on defenseless player rule "re-write" was tabled until May meetings. Could turn into multiple proposals

Jeff Duncan
Payton said today he didn't anticipate any of the rehabs of his players to extend into training camp. He expects everyone to be available.

Mike Reiss
by mortreport
Bill Belichick to reporters: "Sorry I missed you this morning. Alarm clock just didn't go off."

Tracy Porter
April 3 can't come fast enough

Jason La Canfora
Replay will become automatic for all scoring plays, but, in a modification to the initial proposal, coaches retain a 3rd potential challenge

Courtney Roby
They just removed an exciting aspect of the game by moving the ball up to the 35. Touchbacks r gonna b at a high, kicker legs r 2 strong now

Adam Schefter
Kickoffs will be moved up to the 35-yard line but touchbacks will remain at the 20-yard line.

Adam Schefter
Surest sign the NFL meetings are coming to a close.

Jeff Duncan
Payton re: Dallas move/reaction: "We’re graded on what we do. 2 losing seasons in a row & they along w/everyone else r gonna help you move"

Malcolm Jenkins
Man i sure wish i had a job right now... Men were made to work!! not sit at home on a tuesday w/ cheerios watching HGTV...



New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton discusses addition of Shaun Rogers, need to improve pass rush |
Payton says pass rushers will be priority in NFL draft

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton said decision to release tight end Jeremy Shockey was difficult for him personally |
... But emergence of tight end Jimmy Graham makes it easier

Payton says Saints need to run ball better, get more takeaways in 2011 | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
You wouldn’t think the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans’ Central Business District would be the setting more than two months after the Saints’ stunning Wild Card-round exit in the playoffs.

Payton would have ‘strong interest’ in contract extension | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
Saints coach Sean Payton said he and General Manager Mickey Loomis have discussed the possibility of extending his contract.

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton discusses variety of topics at NFL league meetings |
Payton says he expects Reggie Bush to remain in New Orleans

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton discusses regrets from 2010, motivation for 2011 |
Specifically, Payton said he'd like to see improvement in three main areas after reviewing the film of the 2010 season - running the ball more efficiently, forcing more turnovers, and improving in the kick return game on both sides of the ball.

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton expects to work out new deal with running back Reggie Bush after lockout |
Payton also discusses possibility of contract extensions for himself and quarterback Drew Brees


OWNERS MEETING & AROUND THE LEAGUE: - Report: No compensatory picks, scheduling announcements at owners' meeting
The NFL is not expected to announce compensatory draft picks or the 2011 opening-weekend games at the owners' meeting, according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Jones: Teams interested in Cowboys' No. 9 draft spot | Dallas Cowboys | Latest news and video...
The Cowboys' owner said he has options for the draft, including trading down in the first round.

N.F.L. Asks Court to Wait for Labor Ruling -
The league responded to players’ attempt to gain an injunction to lift the lockout, including asking that the judge wait for a decision from the National Labor Relations Board.

Belichick The Arrogant -
New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick basically stuck out his middle finger to the other 31 coaches in the NFL Tuesday. How else can you explain his not attending a supposedly mandatory media breakfast here at the NFL league meetings? The other 31 coaches all showed up, some probably a bit reluctantly, but not Belichick. And word is the league will do nothing about it.

Diminishing returns for Patrick Peterson? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
NEW ORLEANS – A couple weeks ago, I wrote this column on LSU’s Patrick Peterson and pondered if the Carolina Panthers should break an unwr

The NFL approves modified rule changes on kickoffs; other rules changes |
NFL owners meeting in New Orleans voted in favor of modified changes to the pro game's kickoff Tuesday, the most discussed of three approved rule changes this year. Henceforth, the kickoff spot will return to the 35-yard line, where it was before the league moved it to the 30-yard line, and kicking team players can line up no deeper than 5 yards...

NFL rules changes are being done with player safety in mind |
It began with crackdown on illegal hits last season

Annual owners meetings have different feel in New Orleans |
Labor has hung over the event like a cloud

NFL cranked up the public relations blitz when owners meeting began this week |
Owners are at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans

Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin on Super Bowl XLV and Louisiana football talent |
He said it's not that he's targeting Louisiana players, it just worked out that way

Tampa Bay Coach Raheem Morris on New Orleans, playing the Saints, and the Payton/Brees Connection |
He was having some fun at the coaches' breakfast



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