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Fleur-de-Links: March 23, 2011


Will Smith
Leaving the Sun in New Orleans an heading up north to the cold and snow.

Tracy Porter
I feel like playing bball.
Heath Evans
"@: @ And you're not gonna fire me after I got your story in. :)" Email me the story pls!

Heath Evans
"@: Is changing the kickoff from the 30 yard line to the 35 gonna make that big of a difference?" Yes u big dummy!!

Jonathan Vilma
hope I got everybody from this morning, checked my fone after workin out and had over 150 tweets askin 4 a follow! Highlight of my day 2day!

Malcolm Jenkins
Ain't No College Hard Enough-This is a song the kids at KIPP made up & sung when i came to visit last year

Lance Moore
Shout out to @ for taking his talents to the soccer field. Do ur thing bruh. Some of us may end up looking for work soon too lol

Lance Moore
Today has been a great day. Worked out, good lunch, cleaned the crib, paid some bills, and now some reading. Hot yoga later.

Jermon Bushrod
Regarding playing next year?? Hope we get it straightened out, we are fighting to get things back to where they (cont)

Jermon Bushrod

Will Smith
Great Work Out Today!

Usama Young
One of my trainers gettin it in at the gym. "137 years old!" movin

Jeremy Shockey
Just got done at Gold's Gym now going to beach.. Everyone should try Vita Coco its the best way to stay hydrated

deuce mcallister
@ keep workin it will workout homie. U just be ready. Fams good on this congrats to u and the lil lady also

Chris Mortensen
It's official: Marty Schottenheimer is back as head coach/GM of UFL Virginia Destroyers & on Twitter @ !!!!


Saints Nation: Sean Payton Wants a New Contract | March

New Orleans Saints Schedule Workout With OSU Running Back Kendall Hunter " Who Dat Dish | A New Orleans Saints Blog

Sean Payton's scouting report on Shockey - NFC South Blog - ESPN
NEW ORLEANS -- Jeremy Shockey has been a controversial figure throughout his career, but he got a glowing sendoff from one chapter Tuesday morning.

Drew Brees can reverse curse, make history - NFC South Blog - ESPN
We mentioned this Tuesday, but it’s worth another mention today so that we can point out Drew Brees has a chance to make history. 

Saints Owner Tom Benson Honored By D-Day Museum

New Orleans Saints' Reggie Bush remains in Sean Payton's playbook |
Coach welcomes extension for himself, Drew Brees in future

New Orleans Saints reader comment: Don't wait to lock in Sean Payton |
Highlighting comments from our readers

Photos: New Orleans Saints' Remi Ayodele, Sedrick Ellis at Playboy Golf Finals |
Defensive tackles show off new additions to wardrobes

Sean Payton second-guesses strategy in regular-season finale |
New Orleans Saints coach says he has a few 'what-ifs'

Reggie Bush and Eric Berry visit kids practicing in Los Angeles |
It was about a contest for the kids



Jerry Jones holds firm on financial information | ProFootballTalk
Lost in the rush of news items emanating from the league meetings in New Orleans were comments from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones regarding the players' request for audited financial information in connection with the negotiations on a new labor deal.

League continues to bask in its bad deal from 2006 | ProFootballTalk
How badly does the NFL want the players to do what many of them think will be a bad deal? Badly enough to brag about the bad deal the NFL did in 2006.

Does Collective Bargaining Work for Players?

NFL, Roger Goodell the face of calm as owners meetings come to close |
Commissioner hopeful 2011 season will not be in jeopardy



Lawrence Taylor on 16-year-old prostitute: "I don’t card them" | ProFootballTalk
Lawrence Taylor was unapologetic after being sentenced to six years of probation on Tuesday and being registered as a sex offender after pleading guilty in January to sexual misconduct. "I'm not the cause of prostitution."

Why NFL playoff re-seeding died so quietly - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The disgust was palpable when James Carville's favorite division dared to offer up a 2010 champion with a losing record.