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Pierre Thomas, Garrett Hartley and Shaun Rogers Contract Info Released

Brian Allee-Walsh of has all the nitty gritty details about the contracts signed by RB Pierre Thomas, K Garrett Hartley and DT Shaun Rogers; information we rarely get to know. 

Now we know how Garrett Hartley could afford that huge rock he just proposed to his girlfriend with:

-- A $2.526 million signing bonus.  

-- Annual base salaries of $558,000, $650,000, $734,000, $822,000 and $910,000 from 2011 through 2015.  

-- Attainable performance escalators of $6.6 million brings the total package to $12.8 million.

We also know how much Pierre Thomas finally got paid, deservedly so:

Thomas' contract totals $11,031,250 and calls for:  

--  Numerous roster bonuses worth $2,731,250 during the first year of the contract in 2011.  

-- Annual base salaries of $640,000 (guaranteed), $2.16 million (guaranteed), $2.1 million and $2.5 million from 2011 through 2014. He also is due a $100,000 workout bonus in 2012, and $300,000 roster bonuses and $100,000 workout bonuses each in 2013 and '14. 

And Shaun Rogers has 630,000 reasons to skip the In-and-Out Burger on west coast road trips:

-- A 2.5 million base salary in 2011 of which $1 million is guaranteed.  

-- A $500,000 signing bonus.  

-- Numerous roster bonuses worth $370,000.  

-- A $630,000 weight bonus which calls for him to keep his playing weight at a maximum of 350 pounds throughout the season. He weighed around 375 at the time of his signing, according to team sources.