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Can The United Football League Fill The Void?

We all know what a huge hole the NFL's lockout and player's association decertification has left in our hearts, minds, and lives.

The draft coverage and interest will pass quickly in April, especially since draftees cannot be signed or attend minicamps until the lockout issue is settled, so we will need something to fill the void.

This week, I noticed a few blips of something that may be just what the doctor ordered to help us during these hard times when we tire of all the legal wranglings/posturing, attempting to sway the court of public opinion, and the other shenanigans that the owners and players have engaged in as of late.

Look...up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...the United Football League!!!!

Really? The U. F. F****** L? Are you crapping me, HansDat?

I assure you that I crap you not.

Look at what's happened recently in the fledgling UFL:

First of all, two major NFL coach has-been/never-was/wish-they-could-have-beens were just signed to Head Coach/GM positions with much fanfare (well, as much fanfare as poor ole Dusty Sloan and the UFL website can muster): the ever-colorful Jerry Glanville, and the ever-bland Marty Schottenheimer.

These Kings of Koaching join the behemoths already in the league fold - Jim "F*** Me" Fassel, Dennis "I am who I thought we were!" Green, and Joe "?" Moglia.

Here are some links to the Schottenheimer Media Blitz: Local and National.

And here is your fix on the "Glorious Glanville Get" from the HuffPo.

Here are some pieces on Fassel and Green from the UFL website. Check the bylines on all these UFL stories from the website and you'll see why it's "poor ole" Dusty Sloan.

Second of all, there is another amazing advantage to the UFL.

It is more accessible to the average fan than the "our s*** don't stink" NFL. How accessible? Well, they are having open tryouts.

See below for more details, such as links to tryout dates and downloadable workout waivers for the Omaha Nighthawks and Las Vegas Locomotives. Act now to have DeMaurice Smith and Jeff Pash review the document for you and provide their advice - PRO BONO - before signing it. (Offer limited to residents of Gullibletown, USA.)

NightHawks 2011 Open Tryouts

Las Vegas Locomotives - Open Tryouts

And check out what these regular joes turned UFL "stars" have to say about it:

I have talked to two guys who were both in the class behind me at Rice, and they’ve been asking me. I said, absolutely, find two teams to work out for and work out for them. It’s to be on a team and playing football, because it’s a lot better to be playing than sitting on a couch waiting for a call. I told them you seriously need to look at the UFL, and that’s what they’re going to do.

It was an incredible experience, you will love it, and the competition is the same competition as the NFL. Ninety-five percent of the players have been in the NFL before, so there’s no dropoff in talent. That’s what I would tell anybody - go for it.

If any of you may be considering trying out for a UFL team near you, here's an article to help you prepare.

So it's easy to see why, given these developments (along with the NFL strife), UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue thinks everything's coming up roses.

Why don't you join him on his journey? It may salve your wounds until real football returns.

And before you go, here's a look at their version of the Lombardi - the William Hambrecht Trophy:


Go here to learn more about the trophy.

Go here to learn who in the hell William Hambrecht is.