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Fleur-de-Links: Saturday, March 26

Hello, everyone. I'm back in the Fleur-de-Links saddle again after a weekend off so I could spend the time with my family in Covington, LA, for my Dad's Surprise 70th Birthday Party, which was much fun. Big thanks to Papa Dave for covering my shift last week. He is truly a man among men and women WhoDats.

What kind of cake did we have? I'm glad you asked. My Mom ordered 5 dozen "petit fors" with "70" written in icing on each of them - SWEET! They were good for dessert at the party as well as intermittent snacking over the next two days.

Come across the jump with me for some tweets and links...


JonVilma51 Sum1 loves me lol "@Chelby_ThickFit: @JonVilma51 I Love You, Sooo Much! Got Your Jersey, Jacket, Cap Posters All Over The Wall! It's Loveee!
HeathEvans Last reminder! Free gas 4 1st 5 cars @ SHELL on Metairie Rd/Codifer Blvd today @10AM #LOVEMYFANS
T_Porter22 Man I feel like my head was on the curb and someone was learning to parallel park. #headache
HeathEvans "@BreeSison: @HeathEvans welcome! Tell everyone there's no oil on our beach! ;-) #Pensacola! No way! I like it all to myself! #selfishtweet
jgoody76 U better than me i would of said go back to sleep lol RT @A5Lucas: Up.....since 5 #lilpeople
HeathEvans "@Stroy08: @HeathEvans damn you think its worth it if I drove all the way from Ohio for that free gas!?!?!?"Not sure? Always hated math!!
alexmarvez Doping expert Dr. Gary Wadler says NFL players have no valid excuses to resist HGH testing. My story:
HeathEvans Buying gas for my Falcon fan @yungnationrcrdsCan't believe I bought gas for an enemy!!
HeathEvans "@JayzSCarter: The phrase, "Only God can judge me" isn't a pass for whack behavior" Wise Words!
T_Porter22 "@bighapp: BBQ AND CRAWFISH TODAY" boy where at
j_bushrod7475 Tiiiired... Philly was a good time... But this drive into jersey is goin to suck#wake/me/when/we/get/there
HeathEvans "@JayzSCarter: Never EVER EVER EVER EVER let your memories become greater than your dreams!" I love this!!
alexbrown96 Headed to Miami and getting ready to hit this 7-day cruise!!! Warm weather here we come... Lol I will shoot y'all a pic every now and then
j_bushrod7475 Riding thru Princeton... #roadtrip

Saints/NFC South

Saints and Army Visit Belle Chasse High School |
Staff Report - Continuing its partnership together, the New Orleans Saints and the US Army collaborated on another Life Skills seminar today at Belle Chasse High School in front of an audience of over 200 students.

Preparations Begin For Lemonade Day |
Staff report - The New Orleans Saints team cafeteria was a center of activity on Saturday, March 26 as over 100 volunteers were making preparations for South Louisiana Lemonade Day on May 7.

Panthers add three compensatory picks - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. tells us how the NFC South made out in the Compensatory Pick Lottery.

NFC South weekend hot spots - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - Let's take a look into the mailbag to see what’s on the minds of readers across the NFC South.

The Decertification and Lockout Blues

NFL Labor Dispute: First Thing We Do Is Get Rid of All the Lawyers |
Michael Huyghue (Commissioner, United Football League) - The biggest hurdle the NFL owners and players faced in their recent negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement was a failure to establish a meeting of the minds. Why not dispense with the lawyers and hash it out face-to-face?

A Layman's Guide to NFL's brief in Brady v. NFL |
Andrew Brandt (President, National Football Post) - Now that the NFLPA (ahem) and the NFL have had their annual meetings to vent about the other side and their tactics, we are at the same place we were when talks broke off on March 11th.

NFL Players Association, NFL Alumni Association work on healing rift |
Alex Marvez - The lines of communication are now open between the two largest advocates for retired NFL players. NFL Players Association, NFL Alumni Association work on healing rift.

Bears will open books, if needed |
Mike Florio - Though guys like Cowboys owner Jerry Jones continue to insist that the players don't need to see financial information to verify the league's claim that profits are down, other teams have expressed a willingness to open the books.


Saturday morning one-liners |
Josh Alper - links from around the league.