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Getting to Know You: NFL Draft Edition

It's time for another of our traditional "Getting to Know You" off-season posts! This is the portion of our program where I ask you guys five questions with a common theme and have you all answer them in the comment section below. The goal, as the title would lead you believe, is to get to know where everyone stands. It's a form of bonding.

Today's questions center completely around the 2011 NFL Draft. Each of the five questions somehow, someway have something to do with next months upcoming draft and the only possible football-related action we'll see for quite some time. So enjoy it while it lasts.

  1. What position do the Saints stand to improve the most during this years draft?
  2. Who do you want the Saints to draft in the first round?
  3. Do you agree with the proposed boycott of the NFL Draft by potential draftees?
  4. What mock drafts, if any, do you take seriously? (i.e. Kiper, McShay etc.)
  5. What is your most memorable Saints draft moment of all-time?