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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, March 27

Thanks for stopping by to check out this afternoon's grab bag of links and tweets.

Leading off is the usual assortment of player/media tweets, followed by a couple of reactions/analyses of the rule changes that came through this week. Then you'll find a piece on cheating during the lockout and another Jeff Duncan Sunday gem of a column. It all concludes with an update on the progress of the legal case in the Kevin Houser "film-gate" story, and Steve Wyche's take on adding HGH testing to the NFL drug policy.

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jgoody76 Guess butler showed last year wasn't a fluke!
BillyMiller83 If anyone tells you Their #NCAA basketball bracket is still in tact they lie lie lie!!
alexbrown96 Staying at the Hilton in Miami.. Brings back some bad memories.. (it's where we stayed when we lost the super bowl) smh
HeathEvans "@johnlamur: Got pulled over on I-95 and mentioned @HeathEvans and they let me go hahaha" Glad I could help!!
jgoody76 Ordered these chaps a pizza 2 hrs ago and it's still not here. They better not show up at this point.
Pierre_Thomas D.Rose #winning boom!! encouragement
T_Porter22 Damn Mars look red and dry #asamug from here...smh
Pierre_Thomas Da Bulls!
jgoody76 Free pizza but i couldnt snap cuz the guy look like he was 16 RT @j_bushrod7475: Lol u get ur pizza yet buster (cont)
T_Porter22 I feel like Tony the Tiger. #greeeeeat
jgoody76 Bout to watch this movie Buried I hope it's good.
jgoody76 Wow fml lol RT @wolverine6988: @jgoody76 It's just Ryan Reynolds in a box underground for all hour and a half of (cont)
jgoody76 Guess I can keep tweeting during this movie everyone is saying it sucks
jgoody76 Lol watchin it off apple tv. Ipad is in my hand RT @DerekM117: @jgoody76 I hope you have Angry Birds on your phone. You're gonna need it.
BillyMiller83 Bring me 2 waffles and get @JRoB5 some sweet tea
drewbrees Fill out your Madden 12 cover bracket on Facebook to win Super Bowl tix then vote on ESPN
HeathEvans "@sutherngurl66: @HeathEvans is tweeting your job or a hobby?" Neither! Just appreciate our fans! My way of showing that!
drewbrees Watched a history channel piece on the Knights Templar. Fascinating stuff. Makes you want to be a historian or a treasure hunter!
alexbrown96 Lmbo!!! I know right, u gotta love it RT @pat_dooley: Only in NOLA could you see people doing shots at 8 am in the airport bar.
sharper42 Don't you feel like your helpless when your cell phone breaks and you cAnt get a replacement for a couple days. Stacy from Verizon...HELP!
iWillSmith 25 degrees in New York... About to fly back down south with the wifey. See you in a few hours New Orleans.
HeathEvans "@WardEagle999: @HeathEvans What is your favorite Auburn Tigers Tradition? Vote at" Nothing better: THE REAL TIGER WALK
MalcolmJenkins Just left church... Got an amazing word!!! Now I'm eating at Cracker Barrel ...#thegoodlife

Rule Changes

NFL coaches get their way in rule changes analysis | FOX Sports on MSN
Mike Pereira: NFL coaches get their way in rule changes analysis.

Are we maybe overstating the effects of the new kickoff rules? - Shutdown Corner | Yahoo! Sports
Matthew J. Darnell - A lot of people aren't thrilled about the new policy that will have kickoffs taking place from the 35-yard line instead of the 30. Many of these people are employed as NFL kick returners.


Lockout/Decertification Blues

Cheating is likely during NFL lockout | FOX Sports on MSN
John Czarnecki - So when the owners locked out the players, we knew that some coaches would break the no-contact rules. And sure enough five teams have already been fined because they were talking football strategy with their players.

NFL fans know how to get back at owners and players: in the pocketbook |
Jeff Duncan - N.O.'s Mark Samuels organizes petition urging fans to skip games.


Weak, Old, Saints Locker Room Dirty Laundry Story of the Day

Sentencing delayed for former head of Louisiana Film Studios |
Associated Press - No official comment from representatives of Kevin Houser, Drew Brees or Sean Payton yet.


NFL Drug Policy Change Gonna Come?

NFL wants its players tested for human growth hormone |
Steve Wyche - The NFL believes now is the time to include human growth hormone testing in its banned substances policy and is pushing players to add it to a collective bargaining agreement -- whenever one is reached.