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Players Can See Team Doctors During Lockout

Well, contrary to what we've been reading these past several weeks, players are indeed allowed to see team doctors during the lockout.

Tom Curran of points out that the former union’s website says very clearly that "Players and agents cannot talk to coaches, team PR, team doctors, etc."

Apparently, that’s not true.  Curran spoke with NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, who confirmed that players are free to meet with team doctors  — as long as they are away from the team facility.  Trainers are also allowed to get information from the doctors about the reports.

Since the union website says different, I wonder how many players know this. This makes me feel better about any independent team practices Drew Brees plans to hold with teammates this May if the lockout continues that long (It probably will). I also wonder if team doctors are allowed to talk to coaches. I see the possibility for a go-between if they are. Coaches could then possibly relay messages to and from the players through team trainers and thus sidestep lockout rules.