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UFL Features a Ridiculous Number of Former Saint Players

Reading HansDat's post the other day about the UFL peaked my interest enough to take a look at what teams are out there and who is on their roster. What blew my mind was the number of names I recognized as Saint cast-offs. Some of them were terrible and barely made it through training camp, while others were actually serviceable.

Check out some of the former Saint names:

G P.J. Alexander

DT McKinley Boykin

LB Colby Bockwoldt

LB Harry Coleman

DE Josh Cooper

DT Marlon Favorite

LB Alfred Fincher

T Na'Shan Goddard

TE Ronnie Ghent

WR Mike Hass

DT Grady Jackson

S Herana-Daze Jones

S Kevin Kaesviharn

DT Antwan Lake

TE Nate Lawrie

LB Terrance Melton

G Rob Petitti

DE Josh Savage

DE Renaldo Wynn

Other random notable names: K Matt Bryant, HB Maurice Clarett, WR Michael Clayton, QB Daunte Culpepper, T Anthony Davis, HB Ahman Green, LB Edgerton Hartwell, HB Maurice Hicks, LB Cato June, QB Josh McCown, CB Ronnie Prude, QB Ryan Perrilloux, HB Dominic Rhodes, HB Marcel Shipp, QB D.J. Shockley, LB Odell Thurman, HB Labrandon Toefield, DT Claude Wroten

These were the names I recognized based on running down a list of of the UFL listed players. I'm sure I missed some. That's an incredibly long list of former Saints. Most notable are probably Kaesviharn and Bockwoldt, both who started for the Saints and played more than one season for the team. A lot of these guys were either backups for a year or camp bodies that never made the active roster. In fact, the mere fact that I recognize some of these names confirms my fear that I'm a little too obsessed with the Saints.

Anyway, having some familiarity with the players (and there's a long list of LSU guys, too) will probably make it slightly more likely that I'll take interest in the league, especially if...well you know.

So does reading this list of players make you more or less likely to give the UFL a shot?