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CBA Expiration: Tonight's the Night (Not Gonna Be Alright)

Just in case you didn't know, the current NFL collective bargaining agreement expires tonight. We've officially reached the eleventh hour. What lies ahead, we have no way of knowing.

Yesterday the owners met and then the ten owners on the labor committee met separately.

The good news is that the owners and NFLPA will be meeting with a mediator again this morning at 9am EST, as per Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter. Possibly to hammer out a few final details before announcing that they've reached a new deal? Doubtful.

In fact, things could start to get ugly very quickly. Adam Schefter is hearing that the NFLPA will file for decertification following today's mediation and the NFL's Labor Committee will vote to lockout on Friday. Then those attorney retainer fees start to come in handy.

Of course the players, including our very own Drew Brees, are in Washington D.C. and still looking to reach an agreement...

We the NFL Players are in DC ready to get a deal done, just in case anyone wants to know

I can't believe this is happening. Anyone have any departing words for the NFL?

Extra bonus points for getting the song reference in the title.