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Latest SB Nation Mock Draft has Saints Taking Running Back

The good folks over at SB have just updated their 2011 NFL Mock Draft following the NFL Combine and interestingly enough, they've got the Saints taking running back Mark Ingram from Alabama with the 24th overall pick...

24. New Orleans Saints: Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama. This position was a huge question mark for the Saints in 2010, and was also a big reason why they won a world championship in 2009. The dependable, productive Ingram would balance out the Saints' offensive unit and make the team Super Bowl caliber once again.

Before you even ask: Ryan Kerrigan was already selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just three spots earlier. Also of note, the mockers assigned twelve defensive lineman/outside linebackers to the first 23 teams, so a lot of that desirable defensive talent is already off the board.

What do you think? Did they leave someone else on the board that you would have taken over Ingram? DL Cameron Heyward and OLB Justin Houston were still available. Or are you super satisfied with this selection?