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BREAKING NEWS: CBA Deadline Extension Likely

Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal, who has been following the NFL CBA negotiations closely, is reporting that an deadline extension is looking like a real possibility at this point:

BREAKING NEWS: nfl and nflpa talking about extending cba deadline right now, lockout and decert cld be on hold...

...BREAKING NEWS: federal mediator george cohen discussed with nfl last night what it wld take to get a deadline extension

Which is definitely good news and a step in the right direction. 

Others following the negotiations closely are feeling a bit more positive as well:

Andrew Brandt from National Football Post

Hearing small sense of optimism from cba talks. Deadlines do that.    

Jim Trotter from Sports Illustrated

Source: NFL's owners and players discussing extending deadline. no decision made yet. story upcoming on

...i'm told the owners requested the extension; union wants indications that it's a serious step toward a resolution.

Dan Kaplan

The longer it goes in mediation the more hope one has they are staring at the precipice and thinking of stepping back;hoping at least