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CBA UPDATE: Sides Agree to 24-Hour Extension

The NFLPA and NFL owners have agreed to a 24-hour extension on negotiations, pending approval from Judge Doty, says Sports Illustrated Jim Trotter and others:

the sides have agreed on the 24-hour extension. they're awaiting approval from judge doty. should be a formality. 

This is great news. It means they could be close to agreeing on a deal and feel the extra day is all they need to get it done. Of course, as Adam Schefter explains, it could also turn into a drawn out process:

Twenty-four more hours of talks can turn into 48 and then 72. Doesn't mean it will be, but it can be a big deal.    

And here is Gregg Rosenthall's opinion, via Twitter:

If even small progress, concessions are made during extension(s), then it's worth it. what else do they have to do?    

George Atallah, who works for the NFLPA, had this to say and a message for the players:

We will continue to maintain a no comment policy. A statement from the mediator's office is forthcoming.
Players: please call your team rep or the advocates/regionals to get direct updates.