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Fleur-de-Links - March 3rd: John Carney May Return to the Saints...As a Coach

Lot's of good news out there today. Most has already been discussed. Make the jump for more on the Pierre Thomas signing (YIPPEE!), the CBA 24-hour extension, and news that John Carney is in talks with the Saints to be hired as a coach. He says his playing days are most likely over. We'd love to have you back, John!

And, no inflammatory player tweets today.


Lance Moore
Really need to do something w myself. This boredom is doing nothing but making me annoyed. My routine has gotten the best of me folks

Lance Moore
I appreciate all of the suggestions but I'm just not feelin anything right now. Ill pick myself up soon. Sorry for the negativity tweeps

Lance Moore
RT @: @ Do you Knooow @ lol. Congrats P< hahahahahahahah

Usama Young
@ PT cruise, I see ya. Congrats man

Pierre Thomas
@ thanks u

Adam Schefter
Though a negotiating extension was granted today, league year still concludes in another sense tonight. No more player moves as of midnight.

New Orleans Saints
AUDIO: Listen to Shaun Rogers talk to @ about joining the Saints & how he got the nickname "Big Baby"

Jeff Duncan
I like this move. RT @: John Carney in talks to join coaching staff

Tracy Porter
Come guys...we just wanna play football let's get this thing done.

Tracy Porter
@ congrats my boy...u def deserve every penny!

Billy Miller
@ congrats big time and take care of my boy @

Jason La Canfora
24hr extension could well be the precursor to a 7-day extension. Much more to come

Jermon Bushrod
@ that's a blessing homie... .. Jus think about henshaw "got dammit Pierre" and now this

Pierre Thomas
@ haha, you a fool...preciatecha tho

Pierre Thomas
big thanks to all my fans, i def feel the many great comments from so many people.

Pierre Thomas
@ maaaan, I appreciate ya phones are blowing up like crazy ova here!

Will Smith
@ Congrats Bro

Drew Brees
@ It has been a crazy day but this just made it. Congrats. I could not be happier for a teammate. Well deserved

Pierre Thomas
@ thanks drew, lets go get two!



Pierre Thomas deal solidifies RB situation - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Y - "To be totally honest, I’m more than a little shocked because I thought the Saints weren’t all that keen on keeping Thomas. I know they replaced a restricted tender on him Thursday night, but I was going on the assumption it was probably a low tender and the Saints might let Thomas walk."

New Orleans Saints have reached a 4-year deal with Pierre Thomas |
Thomas is coming off ankle surgery



Former New Orleans Saints kicker John Carney in talks to become member of Saints coaching staff |
"My playing days will be behind me, but I won't hang my cleats up yet," Carney said. "I imagine I'll be out there several days a week, kicking alongside (punter) Thomas Morstead and (kicker) Garrett Hartley to make sure those guys stay sharp. It would look bad if a 47-year-old guy is able to keep up with them, so that will add some motivation, and it will give me a chance to stay involved with the game."

NFC South debt ratios as lockout looms - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The folks at Forbes, who know a lot more about the business side of things than I do, have an interesting story on franchise debts and values.

New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame announces latest version of all-time Saints team |
Coach Sean Payton, quarterback Drew Brees, guard Jahri Evans, defensive end Will Smith, 'athlete' Reggie Bush are active members of list that is updated every five years

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees reportedly agrees to be named as plaintiff if players sue NFL |
Brees will join Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, among others

New Orleans Saints not issuing furlough warnings, but labor anxiety building |
Drew Brees headlines NFLPA contingent

New Orleans Saints and kicker Garrett Hartley have agreed to a five-year deal |
He has a record in the Super Bowl



Jeremy Shockey signs one-year deal with Carolina Panthers |
TE will be reunited with his position coach at Miami

How does Jeremy Shockey fit in Carolina? - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
Tight end Jeremy Shockey has said he’s signing with the Carolina Panthers. This move has all sorts of implications for the Panthers and Shockey.

NFL, union agree to 24-hour extension |
Sides were meeting with mediator for 10th day

League, union extend by 24 hours only | ProFootballTalk
Per multiple reports, the league and the NFLPA have struck a deal on extending the moment at which the current CBA expires. The extension, which widely was believed to last at least a week, will push midnight back by a mere 24 hours.

DeMaurice Smith says, "We’re gonna keep working" | ProFootballTalk
With the NFLPA maintaining a strict no comment policy, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith paused while leaving the offices of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service to give a comment.

Mediator issues a nine-word statement | ProFootballTalk
Mediator George Cohen has issued a nine-word statement regarding the outcome of Thursday's mediation session between the NFL and the NFLPA. "The parties have agreed to a one-day extension." Thank you, Captain Obvious. And so we wait for Friday.

Extension applies only to labor negotiations, not league business | ProFootballTalk
When word emerged that the NFL and the players' union had agreed to extend the expiration of the CBA by 24 hours, it was unclear whether the extension gave teams another day to sign available free agents or to re-sign players on the roster who are due to become free agents. It's now clear.

Q&A: Falcons' Mike Smith believes young defense will improve  |
INDIANAPOLIS -- His team's playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers has been gnawing at Falcons coach Mike Smith this offseason.

Green Bay Packers cut A.J. Hawk but hope to re-sign him - ESPN
The Green Bay Packers released A.J. Hawk but said Wednesday they hope to re-sign the linebacker to a more cap-friendly deal.



Debt issues continue to plague UFL | ProFootballTalk
We pause our coverage regarding the future of the NFL to discuss another pro football league that soon could be history. With at least three lawsuits pending against the UFL arising from the alleged failure to honor its obligations, other potential legal problems are looming.