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Grading the Saints Players on Twitter

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I remember we did a poll a while back to see how many of you used Twitter, and I was surprised to see how few did. It turns out most of you rely on Da Cronic to keep you up to date on the social networking of players. If you do use it, you can follow Dave at CSCTweet or me at GoSaintsNation.

Below I've listed all the current Saints players that use Twitter for you to follow along. If you're curious about whether or not you should bother, I've also included a description of what to expect from that player with a tweet grade and explanation.

Why? Because, quite simply, the prospect of giving someone an F is something I miss already. With the lockout lasting who knows how long, I may not be giving out player grades come September, and by God I'm not going to let a lockout stop me from my addiction of evaluating Saints players.

Shaun Rogers (@QBComa92): B+ (3.33) I thought about giving him an incomplete since I just started following him, but he does seem to be entertaining and he gets extra points for the funny nickname.

Tyler Lorenzen (@TylerLorenzen): D+ (1.33) He mostly interacts with his friends and teammates - the ones that will actually talk to him. His tweets have little entertaining value, and his usage of the "ayup" is at a frightening volume.

Kawika Mitchell (@KawikaMitchell): B (3.00) Seems like an intelligent guy. The volume of his tweets is a little much, but he responds to fans, says interesting things, and seems like a likable guy.

Lynell Hamilton (@LynellHamilton): C- (2.67) He does respond to fans but he's not as active or funny as most players. When he does tweet, entirely too much of his thought process revolves around the San Diego St. Aztecs.

Remi Ayodele (@RemiAyo) C (2.00) Seldom tweets. When he does tweet, it's usually entertaining, but he's almost a non factor because it's so little. I wish he did more, he's got potential.

Chris Ivory (@ivory_29): F (0.00) He likes to retweet a bunch of things that are lame and don't matter. He's consistently trying to get people to follow/check out "@nextgen". Couldn't even tell you what that is, but it's annoying. Avoid following him.

Leigh Torrence (@ltorrence24): A- (3.67) Torrence is actually incredibly funny. He'll frequently tweet little wit gems that impress me. He could step up his responses to fans though.

Danny Clark (@dannyclark55): C- (1.67) He responds a bit to people but he almost never comes up with thought provoking stuff. There's way too much "where u at" and "wut happenin" type tweets, too.

Usama Young (@usama_young28): B (3.00) Pretty funny dude. He's on twitter WAY too much, though. He's one of the more active players and he can get on a roll and demolish your twitter feed. Follow at your own risk.

Reggie Bush (@reggie_bush): D (1.00) The guy is entertaining for sure, but also an idiot. You know Coach Payton cringes every time Reggie tweets. He's by far the most likely player to tweet something controversial (meaning well) that proves he has zero common sense. He's one of those guys that desperately needs his account taken away for his own good. Doesn't respond to fans much and he promotes nonsense way too much. He gets a passing grade for comedic value though.

Drew Brees (@drewbrees): B- (2.67) Tweets a tasteful amount and never too much or too little. He mostly talks about what he's up to which is interesting in it's own right most of the time. He doesn't respond to fans and he does promote workout regiments too much. I'm obviously never going to be in the kind of shape you are Drew, so please spare me.

Jonathan Vilma (@JonVilma51): B+ (3.33) Pretty funny and he makes a point to respond to just about every single tweet he gets. Seems like a genuinely good dude, though he probably spends too much time on Twitter. Still, he's a great follow for any Saints fan especially if you want to interact with players.

Garrett Hartley (@GHartley5): C- (1.67) Seems like a nice guy but his tweets are largely infrequent and boring.

Jonathan Goodwin (@jgoody76): B+ (3.33) I'm honestly not sure whether to give him an F or an A. He's funny as hell and he responds to just about everyone like Vilma. He seems like one of the nicest guys ever. Still, he's on waaaaaay too much and gets in a Twitter groove where he'll bombard your feed with non-stop clutter of useless info. He's definitely entertaining but could cut back on the "lol" "lmao" "smh" acronym usage. He does crack me up by referring to any cardio exercise as a heart attack inducing activity ("clutches chest").

Roman Harper (@Harp41): C+ (2.33) He goes through spells where he'll use twitter more or less, but in his prime he's an entertaining follow that's pretty funny. He does flirt with his agent/manager (@BGSport) constantly on Twitter and it makes me very uncomfortable. He does advertise stuff none of us care about too much though.

Jermon Bushrod (@j_bushrod7475): C- (1.67) Like Goodwin he tweets a lot and they seem to be good buds. Bushrod does brag a little too much on the MD/DC/Northern Virginia region, which I find particularly offensive. Bushrod also loves re-tweeting crappy stuff to blow up Twitter feeds. He's definitely capable of moments of hilarity though. But when you throw so much stuff out there every day, something is bound to stick.

Heath Evans (@HeathEvans): A- (3.67) Very active and responds to almost anyone. He's really funny and probably the second most controversial next to Bush (while still maintaining some level of common sense and wit). I docked his grade slightly due to his ridiculously high volume but no one can deny how entertaining he is.

Malcolm Jenkins (@MalcolmJenkins): B- (2.67) He's a little too serious and posts about religion a little much for my taste. He does seem like a classy guy, though, and there's merit in that.

Darren Sharper (@sharper42): D- (0.67) All he ever tweets is "all we do is win win win..." and recently he's been bragging on "crib" or VCU, and their improbable run to the final four. Too bad he went to William & Mary.

Zach Strief (@ZachStrief): F (0.00) Never tweets.

Alex Brown (@alexbrown96): C (2.00) His tweeting is kind of like his playing. Steady but boring. He talks about his wife and kids too much, and let's be serious, we don't care that much.

Chase Daniel: (@ChaseDaniel): D- (0.67) Mostly focused on how great Missouri and living in Dallas are... therefore I'm mostly focused on ignoring him.

Thomas Morstead (@thomasmorstead): C+ (2.33) He doesn't respond to me but he always seems to respond to my wife...weird. He does respond to fans a good bit and he usually keeps tweets short/brief. He's always talking about where he's partying so I get the sense he's a booze hound.

Will Smith (@iWillSmith): C+ (2.00) Doesn't respond much to fans and is largely boring. Seems like a good guy though and he is always tweeting about the struggles of the world, reminding us to keep Japan or recently passed people in our prayers. Like Brees I feel like his tweeting volume is totally adequate, just wish it was more entertaining.

Pierre Thomas (@Pierre_Thomas): B- (2.67) He interacts with his teammates a lot and his fans a good bit too. He keeps it classy and tweets fairly frequently. He could show a little more personality though, and he advertises random junk from time to time like how awesome Sake Cafe is.

Lance Moore (@LanceMoore16): F (0.00) If you can get over the fact that he says "heim" every other word, a term I'll never fully understand the meaning of, and the fact that he responds to almost EVERY fan by including their question and going over the Twitter limit, which forces you to go to some bunk renegade site to read half his responses...he's a great follow. Yeah, it sucks following him. He seems pretty ghetto, too.

Courtney Roby (@robyslyfe): B (3.00) Seems like a cool guy and he interacts some with fans. Tweets a tasteful amount for the most part and seems funny/entertaining. He could tone down on the inspirational messages though.

Scott Shanle (@scottshanle): B+ (3.33) He responds to fans and seems like a great guy. For some reason he's backed off twitter a bit recently but he's always tasteful in his tweets and never goes overboard. He's into music that's not Snoop, Usher or Lil Wayne, so I have an appreciation for that. He spends most of his time interacting with fans or teammates.

Tracy Porter (T_Porter22): C (2.00) Pretty ghetto and in your face on Twitter. I would think he's the other player besides Bush that makes the organization cringe. He has a daughter that he clearly loves dearly because he tweets about Samari non stop. He also includes a good amount of religious comments and some comedy on occasion. Like Goodwin he's a fan of the old "lmao"'s and "smh"'s. If you can suffer through the annoying tweets which happen frequently, he's definitely given me moments of entertaining.

Who's your favorite Saints' player follow on Twitter?