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A Look At Where the Saints Pick in the 2011 Draft

As a result of earlier trades, the Saints only have six draft picks this year and one of those is a compensatory pick. You'll remember that they had six picks in 2010 and only four picks in 2009, also as a result of trades. Given the success that Payton and Loomis have had by trading away draft picks for players that fill a need, it's hard to argue with their strategy. Does anyone disagree that Jonathan Vilma, Jeremy Shockey, and David Thomas have been well worth what the Saints gave up in draft picks? Each was a big contributor in our Super Bowl XLIV championship year.

I never get tired of typing that. Super Bowl XLIV Champions. Ahhh, that felt good. It still seems surreal that the Saints actually won a Lombardi Trophy.

Make the jump for a complete list of the Saints' draft positions.