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Fleur-de-Links: March 31, 2011


Drew Brees
I will be in downtown San Diego today as Co-Chair of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition to talk to kids and teachers

Adam Schefter
Now that Texas A & M LB Von Miller has agreed to go to the NFL draft, there's no reason for any invited player not to attend.
Mike Sando,
by mortreport
NFL has reinstated Detoit's 7th-rd pick, taken away in tampering case. Lions will lose 2012 pick instead. 254 total picks in 2011 draft now.

Peter Griffin
BREAKING NEWS: 2 car pile up in Mexico yesterday. 40 people died.

Peter Griffin
Facebook should change it from 'Friends' to 'People I've made eye contact with'.

Jason La Canfora
More: unfair conclusions. Aqib is confident once all facts are known, this matter will be resolved favorably and in an expeditious fashion

Chase Daniel
Huge win in wiffle ball against @ and @ don't let them tell you any different! They couldn't hit my curveball!

Thomas Morstead

Darren Sharper
Anybody else headed to Houston for final four. What's going down in H town.

Chris Mortensen
Chad Pennington can't catch a break, needs ACL surgery after injury in pick-up basketball game.

Adam Schefter
Let Chad Pennington's torn ACL serve as a warning to all NFL players: Workout all you want, but be careful about your workout activities.

NOLA Saints Nation
@ we should have a blog off to see who the bigger idiot is!

Jeff Duncan
Next time some idiot blogger rails on newspapers, show them this story, uncovered exclusively by the T-P & @

NOLA Saints Nation
Mr. Tough guy Jeff Duncan of Times-Picayune referred to me and my friends as "idiot bloggers". Isn't that nice?

NFLPlayerNews Saints | Cameron Jordan expected to visit

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Falcons fumble the snap & Vilma recovers it on Monday Night Football!

Drew Brees
Go to to join Lets Move campaign & earn your Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. Fun for the whole family

New Orleans Saints
In honor of , check out this cool AP photo of Drew & Baylen Brees last year at @ Stadium

Bobby McCray
When you are feeling alone like no one cares, read this cuz its absolutely true : Every night, someone thinks (cont)

Reggie Bush
How many people really believe the world is coming to an end next year? I don't believe it! Bible says nobody knows the time!


Draft Watch: NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
General manager Mickey Loomis isn’t a real public person and that probably prevents him from getting the full recognition he deserves. He and coach Sean Payton are very much in this together and their track record has been very impressive. Loomis is at his best as an administrator. He knows what Payton and his staff are looking for and he matches up that knowledge with what his scouts give him. Anybody can hit on first-round picks, but the Saints have had some big success in the middle (Jahri Evans and Jimmy Graham) and later (Marques Colston) rounds. That’s the mark of a machine that’s working well.

LB Quan Sturdivant to get a visit from Saints.
The Saints will visit with North Carolina LB Quan Sturdivant, the National Football Post reports. Sturdivant missed five games last season with an injured hamstring. YouTube - LB Quan Sturdivant

Saints Nation: Saints to Draft Temple DT Muhammad Wilkerson? | March

Where the Saints sit with draft picks - NFC South Blog - ESPN
At the moment, the New Orleans Saints are holding a division-low six draft picks. Here's a look at what they have in the upcoming draft. Round/Overal

Brees happy to take lead role for players | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA
"I absolutely believe that there is a settlement that can be reached and that settlement discussions will take place here over the next few months," Brees said. "And when I say settlement discussions, I’m talking about settlement discussions as part of this class-action lawsuit, antitrust lawsuit that we have as players against the NFL for acting as a monopoly and restricting free trade and our ability to get back on the field and play."

Payton’s history is not a sore subject — for now - The Boston Globe
There’s a line on the résumé of Saints coach Sean Payton that hasn’t warranted much attention during his winding career through the college and professional ranks.

Can Albert Haynesworth Fit With The New Orleans Saints? " Who Dat Dish | A New Orleans Saints Blog

Brees doesn’t plan to attend April 6 hearing | ProFootballTalk
Drew strikes us as a guy who does things the right way. And that only reinforces our belief that he currently doesn’t plan to attend because the lawyers have downplayed the importance of his presence.



League, players cooperate in marketing
"We want NFL football to be depicted in an authentic way," Gertzog said. "Those companies have secured rights from the marketing affiliate of the players' association and from the league. The production is proceeding and those products will be delivered in preparation for the 2011 season."

The NFL Labor War: Here’s What Happens Next - SportsMoney - news on the business of sports - Forbes
For every action there is a reaction.  With the NFL filing its papers last week, the Players in Brady v. NFL filed its brief to enjoin (block) the lockout on Monday.  The filing reflects the animosity between the two sides, with the Players calling the NFL "antitrust recidivists" (not a [...]

Unique effects of NFL lockout - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The NFL lockout and labor dispute started in mid-March and will come to a turning point April 6 when a federal judge in Minneapolis decides if the lockout can continue or not. Should a major work stoppage ensue, there are some wild and wacky things that may happen. Here's a look at a some scenarios fans will see they may not have thought about when the lockout began. Calendars and Merchandise Calendars and merchandise featuring your favorite players may become scarce. - National Football League news

A closer look at the numbers in Round 2 of the 'Madden 12' cover vote - ESPN
The Gamer Blog on

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