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CBA UPDATE: Sides Agree to 7-Day Extension

Still more good news coming out of Washington D.C. regarding the current NFL labor negotiations. The sides have agreed to a 7-day extension of the talks, as per numerous sources on Twitter:

Adam Schefter:

 7 day extension confirmed. Talks through next Friday at 5 pm. Mediation likely to continue Monday.

But it's still not official, though very likely. Jim Trotter from Sports Illustrated explains:

before any extension can be finalized, it must be approved beforehand by the union's executive committee.    

Once approved, we will get a statement regarding everything. 

No negotiations will take place this weekend, but they will resume on Monday, as per Jason LaCanfora:

Sides will take weekend to meet and talk within their own camps and mediation resumes Monday. Next Friday will be a big day in NFL history    

However, no roster moves will be able to take place during extension period.

This will also be it as far as extensions are concerned so it's next Friday or it's Lockout City says LaCanfora:

From everything I've heard, this is it for extensions. Next Friday we get a deal, or decertification or a lockout    

Which means if a deal isn't reached before then...

Next Friday will be a big day in NFL history    

UPDATE: The NFLPA's Executive Committee has approved the extension...

the nflpa's executive committee has voted to approve the seven-day extension, making it official.