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Fleur-de-Links: March 4, 2011


Tracy Porter
Another 7 days....hopefully something good will come from this soon

Leigh Torrence Jr
Another extension, 7 days this time, guess I can just leave my gear in the trunk..
Transcripts of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell & Executive VP Jeff Pash speaking on the CBA extension (via @)

Reggie Bush
Just schooled my little bro in a mean workout! Just to let him know he got a long ways to go! That's what big brothers are for!

Reggie Bush
Oh yeah and that was the easy workout young bruh! Le-Go!

Will Smith
Ready for

New Orleans Saints
Just handed out Gatorade to fans fighting the rain to hold their Endymion spots on Orleans Ave

Jason La Canfora
Pash says "I wouldn't be surprised if owners are here next week." Owners have not been physically present for most mediation thus far.

Adam Schefter
After hearing George Cohen go third person a couple of times, I will admit this. He mediates a new CBA, he is an instant icon.

Jason La Canfora
Jeff Pash, chief NF" counsel, says "good discussions today." Says mediators brought tremendous level of "wisdom and patience," to process

Chase Daniel
Love being back here in Missouri...there are so many memories here!

Jonathan Vilma
love this new taco bell commercial. if I have to go online to c if ur meat is safe enuf for me to eat, I dnt need to eat ur meat!! lolol smh

Jason La Canfora
From everything I've heard, this is it for extensions. Next Friday we get a deal, or decertification or a lockout

Jason La Canfora
Sides will take weekend to meet and talk within their own camps and mediation resumes Monday. Next Friday will be a big day in NFL history

Adam Schefter
And no roster moves will be permitted during the deadline extension to next Friday at 5 pm. Extension only to try to negotiate a new CBA.

Jermon Bushrod
.lol"@: I'm riding singing these Trey Songz albums dumb hard in the car lol. Wish yall could hear this. I'm nice wit it"

Lance Moore
RT @: @ congrats on the award Heath, you deserve it< agreed! Congrats to my favorite fullback!

Leigh Torrence Jr
Running into the Saints Facility to grab my workout clothes and cleats before they Lock us out...

Jeff Duncan
No cuts. I'll be shocked if Saints cut Bush. RT @: no signings w/new CBA, but can there be more cuts? wondering about Reggie.

Heath Evans
"@: @ Congrats on being named Saints Ed Block courage award winner" Thx buddy! Too bad I had 2 blow my knee out 2 win it!!

Heath Evans
I'm honored to be chosen as this years Ed Block Courage Award winner. Those that went before me left big shoes to fill. Very humbling.

Jeff Duncan
What a world. ... And he did it in 1 week. RT @: Charlie Sheen passes LeBron James in Twitter followers

Jeremy Shockey
"Still working it hard every day to stay in shape. I want to let everyone know that Cult Energy has created a...

Lance Moore
To clear up the confusion once again. I do not have a new contract. Saints tendered a one year offer. After we have ...

Lance Moore
RT @: @ dam they had me hype thinking u finally got paid< nah homie, u had twitter goin nuts lol



In one day, DeMaurice Smith changes perceptions among owners | ProFootballTalk
Well, we got the extension to labor talks that all NFL fans were hoping for.  Now what? NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and NFL lead negotiator Jeff Pash will hold dueling press conferences around 3 p.m. ET to go over the decision to extend talks for a week.

No transactions allowed, but teams can talk to their players during extension | ProFootballTalk
It's about to get real quiet. During the league's seven day extension on CBA talks, there will be no player transactions.  Teams aren't allowed to talk to prospective free agents or re-sign any of their own players.

Roger Goodell: "Talking is better than litigating" | ProFootballTalk
Shortly after the NFL and the players' union agreed to extend their negotiating period by seven days, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed optimism that negotiations will lead to a deal -- rather than leading to the two sides meeting in a courtroom.

DeMaurice Smith: "We’re not going to let you down" | ProFootballTalk
NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith spoke briefly to the media Friday afternoon after agreeing to a one-week extension of mediated labor negotiations with the NFL.

NFL, players agree to 7-day CBA extension
The league and the players' union agreed Friday on a seven-day extension of the collective bargaining agreement. The CBA was set to run out on Thursday before a 24-hour extension was granted.

Silver: Deal is "highly achievable," alternative is "Armageddon" | ProFootballTalk
As it turns out, Thursday's agreement to agree on a 24-hour deadline for the purposes of possibly agreeing to a new agreement wasn't the day's biggest development.

Ten things to know, right now, about the labor situation | ProFootballTalk
As you spend Friday wondering exactly what will be happening with the NFL and the players’ union as they embark on the extension aimed at getting another extension, it’s a perfect time to get up to speed on the issues, so that you can dazzle your friends and/or cure your insomnia.

NFL retirees await benefits of CBA negotiations
"I don't know all the consequences of it," Ditka said. "I think the people that are negotiating on both sides understand it better. I just think it's a tragedy. Football has grown into such a popular sport and such a money-making sport. You're talking about basically a $9 billion business, and I would hope that both sides would find a way to work it out. I think there are some things that need to be done."

NFL labor game of chicken could end up being settled in the courts |
Tulane sports law expert: 'There are so many possibilities'

Bring on the NFL lockout ... it's long overdue |
It'll be tough to put down the drug of professional football, but everyone involved will be better off after the league emerges from its labor dispute.

NFL lockout: Owners are nothing but pigs at the trough | Jeff Schultz
NFL is on the verge of a lockout because commissioner Roger Goodell and billionaire owners are asking for too much money from the NFLPA.

10 things you need to know about a possible NFL lockout - Michael McCann -
The NFL and the Players Association agreed Thursday to extend the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement by 24 hours, until 11:59 p.m. Friday, as they try to hammer out a new agreement.  Here are some issues to keep in mind as the situation unfolds.



Saints Welcome Norwich University's Drill Team to Saints Facility

Saints coach Payton to complete family move to Texas this weekend
"It’s all happening right now,’’ Payton said. "We’re in the midst of moving right now. But as a coaching staff we’re off for the week of Mardi Gras like always and we’ll regroup back in New Orleans on March 13th, so it kind of shuts down anyway. Other than that I’m not allowed to say anything with regard to our football operations.’’

Where will the New Orleans Saints go to upgrade first on defense? Mailbag |
Answering your Saints questions

New Orleans Saints lock up Pierre Thomas, Garrett Hartley ahead of potential lockout |
Saints wheeling, dealing down to wire

New Orleans Saints reader comment: Pierre Thomas 'a good all-around football player' |
Highlighting comments from our readers



Eagles pull Michael Vick from ESPN interview | ProFootballTalk
Once again, Michael Vick has failed to honor a commitment. Vick was scheduled to appear today on ESPN First Take, which is being filmed in front of a live audience at ESPN the Weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Falcons sign tackle Will Svitek, punter Ken Parris | Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons signed offensive tackle Will Svitek and punter Ken Parrish today. Svitek, 6-foot-6, 308 pounds, played in all 17 games last season  as a

Redskins Insider - Redskins sign safety O.J. Atogwe
Updated: 6:44 p.m. The Washington Redskins have signed free agent safety O.J. Atogwe, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation. The team announced the signing shortly after. Atogwe, who was released by the St. Louis Rams on Feb. 18, visited Redskins Park four days later but left...

Green Bay Packers news | Green Bay Packers LB A.J. Hawk signs new 5-year deal | Green Bay Press-Gazette
By re-signing linebacker A.J. Hawk, the Green Bay Packers have committed to him as a starter and an every-down player.



JaMarcus Russell is on the verge of losing his mansion - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Comprehensive National Football League news, scores, standings, fantasy games, rumors, and more