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Fleur-de-Links: Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've found what I could by way of tweets and links for today. Get after it!


robyslyfe Courtney Roby I hate being sick...not coo, at all..!
j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod Watching this @charliesheen interview on piers Morgan show...
j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod This Libya ordeal is absolutely sickening.. #pray for them!! We are#blessed
j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod Going to bed now so I can be good to go for Saturdays activities(stepbrothers) lol!!! Goodnight
j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod Yea imma fan of it, even more now RT @Vinnie2884: @j_bushrod7475 you both know about #winning. You watch his show? He's fascinating!
alexbrown96 Alex James Brown Five things you never knew about Pac-Man -
T_Porter22 Tracy Porter "@PoKaSOclassy: Why am I up? This is what I get for going to sleep extra early! SMH!!" me too smdh
ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel M-I-Z....Beat KU! Let's go #Mizzou
j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod Nice "@tbro85: my daughter just told me she want to go to towson!! i think we have an early verbal comitment!!"
ProFootballTalk ProFootballTalk by caplannflDecertification would end union regulation of agents
jeffduncantp Jeff Duncan Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. RT @LSURob504: finished off "Bags to Riches" the other day. Very, VERY well done. You painted a great picture.
jeffduncantp Jeff Duncan Nice work. RT @PeteThamelNYT: Great story by @nytbishop on friendship of Vandy's Kevin Stallings, Belmont's Ri... (cont)
jgoody76 jonathan goodwin This is to funny RT @LMAOTwitpics Real G's Apparently Don't Know How To Spell Either
HeathEvans Heath Evans What is up w/ this Nola weather! I know Mardi GRAS folks are mad!#fb
TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen Catching this UConn game in Gampel! Feels good to be back in UConn!
T_Porter22 Tracy Porter Spongebob been on all day and @tpwife is #hatin bc me and mari singing the song.
ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel Excited about the "CD Lonestar Scholarship" I hope everyone feels the same and can continue to give back! This will be here a long time!
T_Porter22 Tracy Porter Btw y n the world is mari puttin my finger up her nose? And she smells like washing powder! Mmmm #random lol

Saints/NFC South

Pierre Thomas: Raining on your parade |
Seriously, can there be any doubt left that all this has been (brilliantly) orchestrated for maximum warm & fuzzies heading into the lockout?

Film of the NFC South chat |
Pat Y. - Even at a time when so much is up in the air because of labor uncertainty, we still managed to cover a good deal of ground in Friday's NFC South Chat.

Labor Pains

NFL, Players Agree To Extend CBA 7 Days |

Continued negotiations in NFL labor talks good if truly meaningful |
John DeSahzier - It keeps open the door to an early compromise.

The NFL and NFLPA need to remember the legacies of past labor negotiations as they move through the next week of CBA talks |
Mike Wilbon - The optimists among us will see a new sense of cooperation between the owners and the players in this weeklong extension of CBA talks. The pessimists? They'll smell fear.

Two-Minute Warning |
Wm. David Cornwell, Sr. (Prez, DNK Cornwell - what is that, exactly, a thinktank?) - As the NFL's collective bargaining agreement steams towards expiration just before midnight on March 3rd, it is worth examining the strategy behind the NFL Players Association's plan to decertify.

The (CBA) End Is Near for the NFL |
Andrew Brandt (Prez, National Football Post) - It has now come down to this week in the two-year attempt to extend NFL players' Collective Bargaining Agreement, which expires Thursday at midnight.


2011 NFL Draft - Pro Day Results |
In honor of our leader, Dave, I present to you the March 3, 2011, Pro Day Results of Baylor, Florida International, and the mighty, mighty Green Wave of Tulane University.